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Transferring Xbox Live membership to another gamertag and Windows live account

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Hi there

I got an Xbox live membership two years ago and have been using it happily. It is Gamertag1 and Windows Live ID1.

However I got a new address some time back and then got myself a new Windows phone which has integrated itself and is now my primary email address. This also gives me a default new Gamertag (GT2).  However I still Xbox Live on my GT1.

So is there any way to transfer my Gamertag1 rights into Gametrag2? I want to transfer the live membership so I don't have to pay it twice. Not fussy about having to add friends again, that's no problem.

I have looked at the support features around here but if I want to move my GT1 it will then override my GT2 which is my preferred address now. I only really want to move my Xbox Live paid membership to my new GT2!

Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance.

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    You can't transfer a Gold membership to any other account. Once redeemed/purchased on one, it stays that way until it runs out. so no Gold from GT1 to GT2.

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    hey there lapsaloki,  I think I get what you want.   If you talk to your phone service provider they can just get gt 1 on your phone and then you would not need to change any emails.

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    Hi, thank you very much for answering me so quickly!

    However I want to keep Gamertag2 and just be able to play Xbox Live on it instead of Gamertag1 without having to pay again! :)

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    i know this is a late response but is their away to transfer downloaded content between accounts? say purchaserd content?

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    You can't transfer purchased content from one account to another, no.

    If you have to ask, you'll never know....

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    It is possible to transfer your paid apps/contents to another account. Call Xbox support, which is free, and they will walk you through the process. You will need an Xbox to change, don't ask why. They said is a must and they can't do this for us.

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    thats no transfering bwtween accounts lol

    thats to transfer between consoles

    and no there is no transfering dlc between accounts lol

    you login into the account and console your want to transfer to and goto account settings

    tranafer dlc licenses to the said xbox the dlc is usable on the new xbox offline

    the purchase and download history stays thr same on the purchasing gamertag