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my account has been hacked the guy changed all my info my windows ID everything !! i called up support to see if i can get back i give him all my info that was on the account  prior to me not being able to log in but since nun of the info was matching he couldn't get access to the account. of course because the change everything WLID secret quest EVERYTHING !. Im so pissed i know all the info i used to create the account and the funny thing the account is still on my xbox i can log in and everything I am the original account owner with the original xbox id serial number and he tells theirs nothing he can DO??? sure it has to be something i know the higher tier support can see the orginal info on the account. Im so F%^Kin madd i lost my account Someone please help !!!!

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  • Use the Click2Call system to get to the head of the queue. Right now, the hold time is less than a minute per the web page.

    1) Go to

    2) At upper right click on SIGN IN to sign in w/ your Windows Live ID & pswd

    3) Go to the dark grey bar at bottom. Find CONTACT US at left and click on it

    4) On the Contact Us page, set Prduct to Billing and Subscriptions, set Category to Account Security and Issue Type to Your Gamertag was last used on another console...

    5) Scroll down to REQUEST A CALL FROM SUPPORT and click on REQUEST A CALL

    6) You will be prompted for your password again

    7) On the Request A Call screen, check (and, if needed, update) your phone number in Step 1, and put your description in the Step 2 'Tell us more about your issue' box then click the green SUBMIT button at lower left.


    If the agent won't create a Unauthorized Access report, get the Service Request number and then ask for a supervisor.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    Support should be able to tell that the information was changed. I would suggest calling again.

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    I called and gave them all the info that was on  account but the guy tells because he can't gain access to the account their nothing he can do . of course he can't and i cant because the guy changed everything all the info but i have all the original info.

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    Support can still file the investigation, even if the information has changed. They have to go through the failing verification options first.

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    Hey sorry to hear about your account being hacked BabiestLeopard7 check out maybe this could help you and get your account back on track.

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    what is failing verification option ? please explain to me. because i have all the original info that was on the account. b4 everything changed.

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    The fact that you cannot provide the information as it currently is on the account doesn't really matter. Try calling again and let them know all the information was changed. They can still file an investigation.

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    Yes i had called and got another agent he was able to help we fill out a UA a i give him all the original info on the account b4 it was change i even gave him my console ID & serial number i hope everything goes well i really want my account back !

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    I have the exact same problem they cant help me. My xbox died and when trying to transfer the profile to my new box it went crazy. It created a new account with the tag Suoer Tony 25 when my real account is Super Tony 25. I can't sign into the xbox live account but still have control of my hotmail which I will be deleting asap. The first two customer reps i talked to kinda helped but i'm not able to remember the account info from five years ago. I was 21 and being a free soul :P I have emails from xbox live for my gamer tag in my hotmail account from as recent as two days ago but apparently my tag isnt linked to my email address. Lovely

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    Hey there Suoer Tony 25! Since this thread is dated back a few months now, do you think you could create a thread of your very own? This will allow us to help you out individually! Talk to you in your new thread and thank you in advance. :)