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1 Gold membership and 2 XBOX consoles in the house

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I have two XBOX units in the house and have a gold family membership.  Can I have LIVE on both with one account? 

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    Since you have a family account, you'll want to go the the Settings hub, choose the family panel, and over to the right, add family member. If you don't have an existing secondary account, create one. You can add up to 3 secondary accounts to a family pack.

    You can also download your profile to as many consoles as you like, although you can only be signed in to one at a time. So, if you use both xboxs, just download your profile to both and you can sign in anytime you need to.

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    As long as your not trying to duplicate the one account to run at the same time, you'll be ok.

    Gamertags can be moved back and forth via USB or console downloads.

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    To add onto Jameser's answer,

    If you try to log into Xbox LIVE with a gamertag that is already logged in you will be logged out of the first console. As you said that you have a Gold Family Pack, I would suggest creating a secondary account for use on one of the consoles, or just move your gamertag back and forth as you need it.

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    Sorry, but I have an additional question thats vary similar to his...I don't want to start a new thread

    So lets say he has 4 xbox units in the same house (or in the family) that all share 4 gold family accounts (1 primary, 3 secondary accounts).  I understand you can transfer the accounts around but can each console use its own account and all play at the same time?  

    -For example:  

    "ABC" is account 1 (Primary)

    "DEF" is account 2 (secondary)

    "GHI" is account 3 (secondary)

    "JKL" is account 4 (secondary)

    --All the accounts are registered on living room xbox (main xbox in the family)

    Can someone that has a xbox in their bedroom recover and log on with  the "DEF" account (not the main account) and play an online game at the same moment someone in the living room is logged on with the "ABC" account and play a different online game at the same moment?  Without either of the accounts being logged off automatically?  

    The reason I am asking is because my brother and I want to get the online family membership and each have our own account to use (he has his own xbox and I have my own....he lives out of town in a dormroom in college)  We both want to play at the same time though on our accounts.  Is this possible?  We don't want to have to transfer accounts between xboxs everytime we log on and we both may want to play each other in a game of madden online.

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    The accounts are not limited to one console. Where you register does not irrevoccably tie your profile to that console. I've got my profile on two consoles at home. As long as I'm only signed in on one xbox at a time, I can use it anywhere I like.

    Just because you are on a family pack doesn't mean the accounts are all tied together. The primary account acts like a parent with content controls and the secondaries are provided a gold subscription from the primary, but they are all separate accounts. I hope that answers your question.




    Also, you set up your own thread so you can have it marked as answered once it's all taken care of/issue understood.