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I cant access my old Xbox Live email address

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This is my new account (Feldoin) which i made because i cant access the email address on my old xbox live account (ObeseGranny)  because someone is using it to spam. I have tried for ages (months) to get my old account back with no success due to the fact i made the account so many years ago (when i was 11) and cannot give enough evidence to prove the account is mine. With all that put aside i can still use the account on my xbox to play on xbox live its just i cant use the email address to check my emails! is there any other way i can give evidence to prove the account is mine by using evidence of the xbox live profile it is linked to or is this not possible?

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  • Yes; here's the multi-step process.

    1) Go to and do the best job possible to provide the needed info then submit it

    2) Once submitted you will get an email back with a reference number

    3) When rejected, get the Console ID (from Settings | System Settings | Console Settings | System Info | Console ID on the 2nd line).

    4) With the Console ID and the reference number in hand, click on and select Request A Call then explain what's going on. The very next available agent will call you about this - and take the information for a UE request to get the gamertag back into your hands.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    The only way would be to contact Xbox on the phone and provide the right information to the profile.

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    I Attempted this step above got what i think was a reference number as it wasnt stated and then registered for a call which was confusing because it wouldnt accept my number without a +1 replacing the 0 when im from the UK meaning my country code is +44 and it wouldnt allow this. Also for the 2nd comment would this entail the details of proof for the hotmail account which i said i dont know or is this proof of the account being mine by using things of the xbox live account ObeseGranny itself?

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    Hey again Feldoin! If you are having trouble entering your phone number, you can also call directly or do an online chat with a support agent.

    As for the "proof" this can be ownership of the email as well as the account itself. You'll have to get the specifics from the agent you talk to. Please let us know how that goes, thanks!