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Forgot my password

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I have the email but don't know any recovery questions also don't know the email's password. Should I just call xbox?

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  • Hi there,

    take a look at this thread on how to reset a password, or even recover a profile:

    If you have enough information about your profile you should be able to.

    There aren't any other ways to reset your password other then these

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    Called multiple times had to fill out a form online to verify ownership of my account when it lets me change my password. I get a message of a temporary  problem I've done this nine times and no one will help they give me the run around

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    This was not what I was looking for. I have got the Xbox from someone and I do not know the email and password and i was wondering if you will know what the email and password is.

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    Hey there Facegamer999!  If you got a console and you are new to Xbox, you'll want to follow the steps to create your own account, as there won't be a way to access their account.

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    sure but i dont no my microsoft pass word

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    Hi Asp. If you could go ahead and create your own thread, detailing what exactly is going on, that would be awesome. Thanks!