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How do i get the 1 month free gold membership on the xbox 360 slim?

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so when i made a new account i didn't even get to the part that says "read more about Xbox 360 gold membership" it just took me straight to home starting off on the silver membership.

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    there is no code you get the free 30 days when you sign up for a new account on the console.  if you did not get your 30 day gold trial then the only way to get it is to create another new account.

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    There should be a card or a piece of paper with a 25 digit code on it consisting of numbers and letters. It would either be printed or there would be a scratch off similar to a lottery ticket (I'm assuming you got a new console and it was bundled with it?). If thats not the case then try looking at your membership options (it would be located in the settings tab) and see if you need to select it there.


    This may also provide some information if what I said wasn't helpful:

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    There´s a limit to how many gold trial accounts you get in a new console.

    After you reach that limit, every new account you created on that console will not be upgraded to Gold for 30 days.

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    Here is something You Need an credit card and buy something off of the on the xbox like when it loads and it says 50 percent off and all of that buy it and something will happen and give you xbox live!

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    no need to buy anything to get the free month just a card that can charge for the first month after the free gold month unless you turn off auto renew before it does that.

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