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Windows 8 and Xbox Live are on two separate Microsoft accounts.

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I recently upgraded to windows 8 and I was excited to use the Xbox Games application for my current live account.  The Microsoft account I have used to set up my windows 8 experience is different than the Microsoft account I use for Xbox live.  I would like to be able to shop and manage my xbox live account from my windows 8 computer without needing to create a whole new user account for the machine separate from the Microsoft account I use for everything else.

I'd love to know what options I have to be able to use my current microsoft account and gain access to my xbox live account as well - is there a system to merge etc?


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    Hey Lean Knight! I'm afraid you can only use one account here, you cannot sign into an alternate MS account in the Games App while logged into a different account on the computer. My suggestion here is to create a Windows 8 user login using your Xbox LIVE Profile!

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    Want to sign in to your app as a different user?

    Use your Xbox app with a different Microsoft account

    To switch to a different Microsoft account than the one you’re signed in with in your Xbox app—as you’d want to do if your Xbox gamertag is associated with a different Microsoft account (formerly known as a Windows Live ID)—do the following.

    Sign in to your PC using a different Microsoft account

    1.On your PC, select the Settings charm.

    2.Select Change PC settings.

    3.Select Users.

    4.Under Other users, select an account.

    If needed, select Add a user and enter the email address and password for the Microsoft account you want to use.

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    This suggestion simply results in my having two separate Microsoft accounts to choose from to log in on my windows 8 computer.  It does not solve the issue of allowing me to view the "xbox games" application with my current xbox live account information, while logged into a different (primary) Microsoft account.

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    Thanks for the answer, I'm glad to at least know its not possible :P

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    why isn't this possible?

    I can do it on the windows phone xbox app.

    MS are just dumb sometimes

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    Pls tell me how to do in the windows phone. i having different default account in phone and I use one for xbox. It is possible to change this only for games in Windows phone ?

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    Hi G11,

    The only way to change the primary Microsoft account on a Windows Phone, is to do a hard reset (reset back to factory settings), which will wipe all data on the phone.

    If you have anymore questions in regards to your Windows Phone, please create a new thread in forum 14 - Connecting to LIVE on my mobile device


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    Hay is possible to change your Microsoft email address? if so then that can be the solution.

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    Hey HG, yeah you can do that!  The steps are right here: Switch a gamertag to another Microsoft account