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Is there a way that I can promote my account to adult without a console

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My account is a child account and I forget my parental email.

I do not have a Xbox console. Does that mean my account will stay child forever?

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    Hey Yuhao! Listed is not correct in this matter, as your account needs to be manually promoted to an adult once you reach of age in your region. You can try and retrive the parental email from support over the phone by answering security questions and possibly giving them some billing information, but without that, you will not be able to promote your account when the time comes.

    Also, there is no way to promote your account without a console, the process must be completed on a console, so perhaps if you find out the parental email, you can download your profile on a friend's Xbox in order to complete the process.

    The attached topic explains this in detail.

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    I do believe this automatically changes when you become of age, the system will know when the birthdate associated is of the correct year needed to prove your 18.




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    Hi there,

    unlike Listed mia 510 mentions the accounts doesn't automatically promotes to an adult.

    You must do it manually, and as far as I know it can only be done via the console. Since it is the only option specified on this link, which explains on how to promote an account:

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    I get my parental account and I need a console now.

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    You will have to somehow gain access to an account, possibly a friend(?) in order to complete the process. Best of luck :)

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    That sucks, I'm in the same situation. Wanting to promote my account without a console.

    <======= About my gamerscore, I have a competitor's console so I game there but I also have a Windows 8 PC and I want to use my XBL account on there. I would also like to change the MS account associated with my XBL account but you can't do it without a console either. :/  Man! the competitor's account management is so much more useful online without a console, you can do everything.

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    cross12095, your post seems less like a support question and more like a veiled attempt to promote another product. If you wish to ask for help on your account issue, you should start a thread of your own rather than post in one over a month old.

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    I'm sorry if it came out that way I'm not trying to promote anything, I do know this is the Xbox forums. I posted here because the xbox chat support person told me to, she gave me the link.