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cancelling gold membership auto-renewal

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the option for cancelling auto-renewal for xbox live membership isnt working for me, every time i select the 'off' box and click confirm, this message comes up:

An error occurred cancelling automatic renewal.

i'm trying to cancel it because i'm going to uni this month, and have no need for my xbox or xbox live there.

this is pretty annoying, it just feels like it's failing on purpose to make it difficult for me to cancel the payments


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  • Sorry about the problems you're having.  This is a known issue by the support people but has not yet been repaired.  Simply call up support (1-800-4MY-XBOX in North America) and tell them you want to cancel auto renewal.  That will take care of the problem for you.

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    The only way to cancel auto renewal is to call support in your region. There is no other way.

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    I simple cannot believe Microsoft is getting away with this, its the biggest load of BS I've ever seen. I can't believe a company this big is turning to petty scams to steal peoples money. Im selling my xbox ONLY based on this issue, really Microsoft.. Your awefull, you should learn from apple - doing it the right, and honest way instead of BS'ing ur customers with errors and scams, PATHETIC!

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    It's just business... admittedly morally or ethically wrong but just business. Companies rely on the fact that humans are incredible lazy by nature and we're more likely to let a subscription to a gym, console, magazine or club continue to access our money if we have to use a little effort to stop them. By making people look up the number and call and wait for 10 minutes of automated questions "press 1, press 3" etc... to get through to an operator and answer some security question they know a lot of people will not bother... it's annoying but just business and some companies are so dependant on that.  

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    which number do you have to call to reach xbox because none of them are working for me?

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    if you're in the uk.  0800 587 1102 elsewhere just google xbox support phone number.

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    what is the new zealand phone number because ive been on this dame computer and xbox trying to cancel my payment opsions for 5 hours now this is realy starting to **** me off i tryed canceling it on the xbox and it says there is and error then i go to the computer sign in and press remove payment opsions and it does nothing!!!! i think its no good that a very wealthy company is tring to scam poorer people out of hour monny!!!!!!

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    Follow the instructions here:

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    make sure the xbox website is set to your region before you check the number

    you don';t want the US number if you do not live there


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    I have downloaded the facebook app, the YouTube app & the LOVEFiLM app. 2 of the above are free 2 use on the web. I was using my X box for surfing & social sites as it's faster than my laptop but I'm very disappointed that you want to charge me Gold subscription fees to use these sites. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!! these are not your sites & your software & hardware are expensive enough without you cashing in on other enterprising (& reasonable) providers. NO WONDER HACKERS TRY 2 BREAK YOUR CODES.  We wouldn't need half the security software we have if you didn't create the need!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yours disappointed


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    ok what if you go on your account on xbox live online but everything is erased nd u see another gamertag..... but you go on your xbox and everything is still there.... how do i cancel my xbox live gold?

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    Hey there Lotus! It sounds like you're having a completely different issue. Can you please create a new thread detailing your issue and we'll assist you there. Thanks!