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Fraudulent Charge of Premium Gold Packs

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On 9/29/2011 I received two emails stating that my Xbox Live account had been charged for a total of 6000G (70 dollars). Since I cancelled my Gold Subscription and my Xbox is basically a shelf-decoration now, I found this odd. I logged in to find my password had been changed as well. I recovered it, and now I can access my account as normal.

Suddenly I have THREE achievements in FIFA 12, a game I have never played, or thought about playing, because I hate sports. ALSO, ALL of the gamer points that were stolen were spent on Gold Premium Packs or some such for FIFA.

If I'm understanding this correctly, somebody got on my account, played FIFA, grabbed some DLC, and moved on.

It's currently 3 AM (I'm a night-owl) and I can't contact Xbox support, and I'm reading horror stories of peoples LIVE accounts being knocked out for months with zero accountability from Microsoft due to this very same issue. None of my other accounts on ANYTHING were compromised (I changed my passwords to be sure) so this HAS to be on LIVE's end.

I don't care about bricking my Xbox account, but I use Games For Windows Live (same LIVE account) to play Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and if I'm denied my street fighting, I will go insane. I've removed the card in question from the account. Contacting the credit card company at the crack of dawn, and calling Xbox support. I hope I have a better experience than others have reported with this same problem.

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    Okay. What you need to do is call 1-800-4-my-xbox and open an unauthorized access case. They will initiate an investigation that's sent to the fraud team to find out what happened to the account and where the GT went when it was taken off of your console. This will take about 25 days (at the moment), but you will get your account and your money back if they find it was taken as you say. Good luck!


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    Hi AdobeWanKenobi, I too had a rough night discovering the exact same issue as yourself on the 29th: unauthorised points purchased, FIFA12 DLC and achievements.

    The fact we both had this happen on the same night would, to me, suggest it is one a single person doing this. My own Billing showed three "Premium Gold Pack" downloads last night and silence for several hours, then a further ten or so of the same DLC through the night whittling my points to nothing.

    I spoke with XBox Support this morning and they were very helpful in starting the investigation and confirming the last authorised purchase was on the 27th and no other account issues prior to this date, so here is hoping your experience is the same and that it is resolved quickly.

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    Same exact issue. I just got on my 360 and found I had to recover my tag, checked my email to see $70 taken and spent one bs that isn't listed anywhere.

    Same game even wtf.

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    I have the same problem. Two Gold Premium Packs, dunno where they were downloaded or how. Dunno how someone got my account. Changed my password, but microsoft said I need to dispute the charge with my bank.

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    Keanakalia, kind answer. But you're staring down a dark tunnel that's well beyond 25 days.

    I'm making my way over a 2 month mark.

    Yeah, I got my money back. BUT, I have not logged into my xbox SINCE I brought up this problem to the support team.

    Talking on a few other forums with real answers, this guy is only buying "X" amount of dollars worth of stuff. As each incident he hits us for, is a different "crime".

    Therefor, his crime to become a REAL problem, likely has to go over this ~80$ of real world money, for him to be actually hit with a real punishment. There's likely a reason for his repetition. He keeps it under a certain amount they're saying.

    Also, he's probably behind 6 proxies or more, keeping himself very untrackable by xbox live's weak fraud team.

    In the mean time, watch these posts about him hacking people keep rolling in, as xbox live does nothing about it.

    2 months, still down. This isn't my thread, but I posted here this far back.

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    So it seems there are many of us that got hit by this account stealing thief.  Where i did not loose any money from my bank account i lost almost 3000 microsoft points from the premium gold pack download.  Like others that this has happened to i don't play sports games or do i even own FIFA12. Hopefuly microsoft will refund my points.

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    Just wondering also but have anyone of the people with this problem just played battlfield beta or another beta. It seems to me that the first time i play a beta and my account gets hacked right after i get connected from the servers and then don't play for over 24hrs.

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    I had exactly the same thing happen, someone must have hacked a lot of accounts, I'm filing a dispute as soon as customer service is open.

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    @DemonicDeath069 - I download the battlefield beta and guess what i wake up to £51 out of my credit card and spent on some *** and my account hacked.. I thought the exact same thing

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    I also got hit on the 29th of sept and he or she tried to buy 1st, 4000 points then 6000 points. I was playing online when he hit mine and I called xbox support right then. while I was on the phone he tried to get another 6000 points and another year of xbox live but was stopped since my account had already been frozen. Xbox has aleady refunded  me for the 6000 points and Im still waiting for the 4000 points refund. They told me it takes anywhere from 20 to 25 days to get me a new account. I guess well just have to wait and see.

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    Also I am not in any betas at this time so they didnt hack me that way

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    Well looks like thers loads of others like me then.  Just had 8000 points bought on my account and then 19 PREMIUM GOLD PACKs (2280 points) downloaded with my account.  changed my password as soon as I saw the notification e-mail but this looks bad.  hope microsoft can refund me and sort things out.  redownloading my profile now to see if i can see what the hell this premium live pack is and if anything has been played with my account

    Sure enough, I have fifa 12 listed with 3 achievements, and I dont own nor want to play fifa 12, little *** used my account to get utimate team points or something

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    I downloaded the BF3 Beta last night and I woke up to the same thing.

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    Same thing happened to me but I haven't touched the Battlefield Beta. Soon as I saw it last night I changed my log in password for Live and called my bank. Sadly my bank can't do anything till the charge clears Monday but I am going to call MS today and see if they can fix it.

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    Good news. Just got off the phone and the fraud team had already caught this and a credit should show up in my bank account within 72hrs.