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14 day trial expiration?

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I have a couple of 14 day trials, including one from Halo 4. Is there an expiration for these listed on the card but I hear rumors but just want to make sure.

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  • If there is no expiry date of them then they shouldn't expire. I have had some codes that have expiry dates on them and used them immediately, but have kept 48hr trial codes for years before using them and never had any expire.

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    I meant to say there are not expirations listed on these cards, but how long can they last without using them.

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    i do not think there is an expiration as I never looked at one, but there could be.  but you cannot stack them you would have to wait till the 14 days are up before redeeming the other one or it will cancel the previous one out.

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    Thank you.

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    If you're unsure and want to find out, talk to Xbox support. They can verify the codes expiration date for you. Most codes don't expire till the year 9998, so you're probably fine.