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Downloading your profile and managing passwords

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How is “downloading” different than “recovering”?

You can download your profile to all your consoles and simply sign in to it from each console. You can still only access your profile from one console at a time, but this way you won’t have to go through the lengthy recovery process every time you visit a different console.


What’s up with the console remembering my password?

When you download a profile to a console for the first time you will be asked if you want the console to remember your password. This is a great timesaver for your home console, but you’ll want to be careful setting this option for every console you visit.


For instance, you enjoy gaming with your friend, but you may not want him accessing your account when you’re not there. We recommend requiring a password on any shared consoles to better protect your profile and Xbox LIVE account.

This new option is in addition to the LIVE Pass Code and all Parental settings that an account might have.


I want to download my profile to a new console.

Maybe you just got a brand new console or perhaps you’re simply visiting your friend. If you ever need to game on a new console, here are the steps to download your profile to the console.


  1. Navigate to the Social Hub.
  2. Select Sign In or Out.
  3. Scroll to the right and select Download Profile (and again when the next window pops up).
  4. Enter your Microsoft Account email and password on the next two screens.
  5. Select the storage device you wish to download your profile to.
  6. If your profile is a parent account, you will see a list of all the child accounts attached. Select the profile you wish to download.
  7. Enjoy the loading bar while your profile downloads!
  8. If this is a personal console you can select Remember Password and the console will not require a password on future log-ins.
  9. When you’re ready, select Sign In.


I want to start requiring a password on my profile.

If you no longer want a console to remember your password, there’s a simple option to require a password on log in. You have two options here, one to require a password on the current console and one to make all other consoles require a password.


  1. Navigate to the Settings Hub and select Account.
  2. Navigate to the Your Information panel and select Password at Sign In.
  3. Select Require password here for this console, and On all other consoles for others.
  4. Select Require Password on the confirmation prompt.


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