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I am trying to verify my secondary accounts.  I have struggled with this over a few strained efforts ever since the security change occured.  One last try before just closing those accounts.  Everytime I go through 2 step setup thing, I get the code on my cell and enter it.  Then I get a message saying I need to verify it at the web address I put in the subject header.  This is where I struggle.  I can get to that website fine, but where the hell do I verify at? I see a bunch of links, and have tried several, but cant figure it out.  I have verified emails and phones a ton in the past, normally you just click a link.  Why is this so unclear?  Why not just force feed links until process is complete instead of sending us in the fog?

Appreciate any help

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    Hi Kick,

    Sorry to hear about the proof troubles. Let's see if we can get this working.

    Ok, so you get the code, enter the code, and it asks you to verify on a different site? 

    Have you checked out all of the support articles here?  Also, what is the site you are being redirected too? 

    Let us know, and we can work from there.