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The Rep System

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Hey guys.

I've been having a few issues with the rep system lately.

First off all, it isn't false reviews against me, and me complaining, it's far from that.

It's a general enquiry. Is the xbox rep-system actually broken/down/unresponsive at this point in time? (and the last month)

It's a serious question I would like to know, it's driving me crazy.

Please do not post saying 'you'll get rep over time etc, I do know this and trust me, somethings wrong

I'd like to also add, I've seen quite a few requests about this topic, as it seems i'm not the only one suffering.

I created this account around just under 2 months ago, I think. You know usually, when you're on a new account, you add your mates, get them to good review you and BAM! 5 stars there! sometimes it's there without even a day on the account. Well I've had my account for over a month now, with a counted total of 40+ good player reviews.

Yes I know the rep system is flawed, but it's never been like this before, and yes I know it's pointless.

But it's starting to drive me crazy. It looks incomplete without the 5 stars. FYI (and I know it's pointless) but I do have 85% preferred and 15% avoided.

We all know it used to take a minimum of 5 players to rep you and a solid night of multiplayer and it was there, but now, it actually feels legit broken.

So I decided to go to some investigating.

If you were ever in one of those moods to just randomly look in your recent players and give them good rep (i do it everynow and then) well I have been

So for the past week, before I go to bed each night, I've scouted my recent players list and seen any accounts with 3 stars, and I'd give them all good rep. 


I did it for 60+ gamers. And not one of them starts budged a bit! Each of their accounts didn't increase at all in rep.

Now that is bizzare. It's never been like this.

And again, I know that the rep system is flawed, but this is definitely a glitch, or something.

One last thing, a few people I know, who have made new accounts recently, for MW3 and GoW3 clan matches, all of their accounts are within 2 months old too, and all have 3 starts rep. It seems like the rep system has frozen?

All I want to know is will it get fixed and will I get my 5 stars :/

Also, please don't reply with 'just keep playing online' I'm 3rd prestige on Mw3 and Lv90 on Gears 3, and Lv30 on Battlefield.

I've played heaps, and have 95 friends too.              Thanks for your time!

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    You can try to recover the profile and see if this will correct the problem.

    If this does not fix the problem, please start a new thread for others to help you better :)

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    Hello - I can understand your frustration with your rep score. The rep system is operating as intended right now, however. It is possible that of those gamers you gave a "5" score to, all of them had a large number of scores, so one score would not change things much. I'm sorry I can't help more.

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    Thanks Portia, but that answer doesn't quite explain it to be honest.

    Is there a way that you, or an xbox live dev/mod, or someone can look at the issue. It's been brought up in a number of threads and only this one, and this one have been given any interest. The rep system has always been flawed but it's never been to a point this bad where people are actually asking 'why haven't i got my 5 stars after 2 months' that never happens, and has never happened.


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    Thought I would see if your thread was going any better than my own. It seems that xbox support seems to do a half [mod removed] job IMO and dont want to admit there is an issue or they will have to look into it and then fix it OR the select few helpful members (Very few) want to help but dont have the authorization or ability to do so. Paying for a service is intended it works at the end of the day in EVERY aspect of the service. If I payed HALF the attention to detail at work inspecting medical devices peoples lives would be at risk or even result in death so why at the end of the day should it be only me that does my job properly?

    There IS a problem with the REP system . Your too busy ruining the dashboard and ruining our gaming experience with adverts on xbox to notice it. Please someone with actual experience in tech support and also the ability to fix the problem look into this matter its quite frustrating at the end of the day especially when I spend so much money on microsoft xbox each week. Thanks.

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    It's not worth your time to "investigate" the rep system. Your rep doesn't mean anything. Only YOU can see who has filed good and bad rep on you. You'll eventually hit 5 star rep on your profile also.

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    @Metapod and Deppers - I can certainly understand your frustration, and I do understand your concern. We appreciate the extra information you've provided, and with that, we can start to take a look. However, we do need more first hand reports of this issue specifically. Can you get the other GT's you mentioned in the other thread to post in this one (or the other one) detailing their exact issue with the Rep system? Unfortunately with only a handful of reports and with something we cannot repro, we need as much information from you and others affected as possible. Thanks! :)

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    I'll see what I can do Portia.

    The only issue with us all is that the stars won't go up to 5 (@Xbox Dude) We (well I don't) don't care how many % avoided us etc. that's just dumb. It's the fact the 3 starts won't go up, or even budge at all, to 5 stars, after 2 months of online play and 30+ good feedbacks given on us

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    Been doing some reading and Hey lookie what I finds..

    Don't know what to tell you now knowing this.

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    Thanks for that. But that was made in 2010. About 3-4 months ago, i made a 48 hour trials account, for some fun on Gears 3, by the end of the 2 days, I had 5 stars rep. I've had this account for over 2 months, it seems like, after a certain point, the rep system broke, probably around November 1, or something. Cos EVERYONE I know hasn't gotten any rep after that (stars)

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    @Miss Portia

    Here are two recent threads over this issue. These are only two of the many that have been posted. Contact them, i have talked to them and they have the same issue as the OP here.

    Can you look into it?


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    its almost certainly broken. had an old account that got to 5 stars literally on the first day of gaming. this one ive had for a couple months been fairly multiplayer heavy. 3 stars. didnt really think about it until i saw the thread

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    Alright, thank you all - we are investigating. I will update when I have more information. Hang tight! :)

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    Thankyou so much all! Hope we get some results! :)

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    I too am having this issue. I made a new account about a month ago to start fresh and I have had over 15 friends' prefer me and not the slightest budge in my stars.. It's really frustrating because my profile feels so incomplete.

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    mine has been stuck at almost 4 stars for 2 months