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i cant accept the new 'terms of use' for my sons xbox live account as i no longer have acess to the parental email account

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I no longer have acces to the Parental Approvement email account to my sons xbox account

the parental email associated to his account is for a company that i no longer work for and therefore can no longer acces, apparently i need to be able to acess it to accept the new xbox 'terms of use' which came with the new 'dashboard udate'

however, i do not rememebr the password for the email that i need to sign into windows live ID with to do this, and requesting to change the password will not work as it will send an email to an account that i no longer have acess to 

is there a way to change the parental email associated with my sons account to another email adress that i own? or any other better soloutions?

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  • Hello there! Have you worked through all of the steps provided by If you are not able to recover the password via email, you can send a request to Windows LIVE support. They may be able to help. :)

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  • Alright, unfortunately we can't assist any further, but the Windows LIVE team should be able to help. They should be getting back to you shortly. :)

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    I have the same problem, the email is hooked up to my old step dad who no longer lives with us anymore and he refuses to give out his password for the email due to thinking we're going to read his emails... Microsoft are terrible for this!

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    i have done those steps but it keeps trying to send a reset link to the account that no longer exists as it is a "", in the recovery request email it jut said this: quote: "Your Live ID account {effected email adress} was created using an email address from a provider other than Microsoft" then lnks me to the reset page, then tries to send another reset link to the account i cant get onto...

    ive been on windows love help and asked if they can send the reset link to my other email adress but there has been no reply as yet...

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    Ahh another one lol ko predator no one will help you I have the same on going problem no one can help

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    i have this same problem, the parental e-mail was  my moms old email at her old job and she cannot access it anymore.  we have tried for more than a month to get someone from xbox or microsoft to help us but they are no help to me.  they just dont get that i need the email reset with my account, they had my mom make a whole new xbox account for me and that doesnt help.  have any of you found any solutions to this???  please let me know if you have answers, its greatly appreciated.

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    Nothing as of yet my friend 3 months of hassle so far and got no where there obviously all none gamers or just don't give [mod removed] about and your money all I've had said to me 30 times

    " make another game profile " they just don't get it m8

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    hello my son can't logg accept the terms of use on the xbox becuase he needs my old email password and the account it says it needs the password to is an account i deleted months ago. so what do i do??

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    Even though the parental email address used may be broken or inaccessible, there's still a Microsoft Account (what was formerly known as the Windows Live ID) for it. You can reset its password by going to and following the instructions there, to reset the password by validating with the secret answer to the security question, sending a text message to their cellophone, or by clicking on I CAN'T USE ANY OF THESE OPTIONS to complete a questionnaire.

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