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To All those who have been hacked,

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To All those with Hacked accounts,

I am not going to go into detail with my particular situation.  I am sure you are all familiar with how the FIFA hack has worked.  Your account gets logged in somewhere else, all of your existing points stolen, potentially charges to your credit card and a very frustrating call to Xbox support in which you are told your account will be locked for 25 days.  I am currently 70+ days out from my original complaint and day 42 of the “25” day resolution time and I am here to offer a little advice.


If this just happened to you remember to do a couple of things :

  1. When you call make sure you get your service request number it will make future calls of which there will be many far easier.
  2. Whether or not you are asked for it, you need to provide them with an email address not currently associated with your account.  Provide it now if you have not already done so as your investigation is not started until they have this information and this evidently restarts the whole 25 day count.
  3. Do not expect resolution in 25 days.  I did have one rep suggest I use one of those free month cards that come in games to essentially set up a new gamer tag but do so at your own risk. I suspect it would make matters worse.
  4. Chat is useless don’t even bother.
  5. Call, call, and call  they will not contact you if they need information. If they do it will be a week or so after they knew they needed it so be proactive and call.
  6. If you are at or near the 25 day mark it is time to start asking for a supervisor.  The last one I spoke with said they aren’t getting much of this fraud from FIFA any more. I thought it was a funny joke….
  7. You are now going to be told that your information is being sent to an escalation team. If possible try to get in contact with that team yourself but that has not worked for me yet.
  8. Finally, and most importantly as it will take everyone suffering from this issue pulling together to make any impact.  Share your story here, and on any other message boards you visit or can find and ask anyone that has gone through this pitifully sad level of service to file a complaint with the BBB.  I am sure I will get in trouble posting links here or something so just search for the Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington BBB.  Once there it should be pretty straightforward just make sure you choose the Xbox associated with 1 Microsoft Way.


    I  will give them until Friday to resolve this at which point I am going to call them again to see what kind of smoke they blow up my …. And then I am filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They currently have an A+ rating with the BBB which is clearly a joke let’s see if we can change that.  And get the word out to everyone who will listen.  It’s sad they make a good product but provide garbage for service and make us, the victims of a scam they know full well is happening, feel like we are the ones that did something wrong. Repost this and get the word out !
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        I'm still waiting for resolution since Thanksgiving...  Was initially told by first person "probably a couple of weeks" since my account wasn't migrated...  Then another rep said 25 days...  Then "Maybe another 25 days but certainly not more than 2 months"...

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        im at 68 days, i was told my accoutn will be back by sunday in an email, if not then im going the bbb route

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        are you guys telling me your accounts have been inaccessible for this long?!?!

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        I reported my issue on 11/6 my account was shut off on 12/1 and I have not had access since.  Glad my wife got me battlefield to play online for christmas and its just sitting there.

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        Mine was hacked and migrated to Russia on October 25th.  Filed a BBB complaint end of December, but haven't heard anything still.  Have got two e-mails (one around the 1 month mark, another around the 2 month mark) apologizing for delays and including a free 1 month code to set up a new account.  But I have no interest earning achievements or buying XBLA games on a temp account.

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        I'm not sure we actually are allowed to share as we had a thread going almost 40 posts and they locked it for some reason.  Censorship I think although they are free to lock and delete what they want,  When they lock something like that immediately I think of sweeping the problem under the rug.

        Need a hand with anything?  Feel free to ask 


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        I find amazing that we get no official response from Xbox on this.  Just google or bing FIFA hack and aside from the number of reports you get of people being hacked and money/pts stolen, accounts locked for ridiculous amounts of time etc.... you also get links to videos and websites advertising information on how to do these hacks

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        i just found out that i got that problem today.  was playing bf3 and all of the sudden i got disconnect and a message popped up telling me my account was  signed in somewhere else, and i looked thru an account of a friends and i saw that "i" was playing fifa12. now i changed everything from my console and email.

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        Hey there Most Wanted! You can take steps to limit the consoles that you may have saved passwords on by following the steps at the bottom of this guide (

        If you still feel that your account is compromised, please call phone support ( as soon as you can. Let me know if you have any further concerns, thanks!

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        Hilarious that they are still in denial about this hack.  

        I can understand why the investigation takes so long.  It's not incredibly obvious that I was hacked or anything.


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        its pretty sickening really. back in sept when this happened to me i thought i was the only its happened again and it turns out this is pretty common. EA need to seriously look into this!

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        Hi im not sure if this is the right section but my friend told me to post here, like everyone else my account was hacked in some sort of way, i logged in to xbox live and a form pulls up asking for information on creating a free gamer profile which makes no since because ive had my gamertag for weeks and always use no problem. my gamertag used to be Skyrim. the original Skyrim. now its a brand new acc enquiringcobra2. no friends no gamerscore nothing. i filed a ua when i called for help. its been 5 days and ive just revieved an email stating that there has been no unauthorized activity on this account blah blah blah, so my request was denied. what should i do? i really do not want to lose that gamertag, i was very popular on the games i played and to be  honest starting over just isnt worth it. please let me know if you can help. email me at (edited by a moderator), or message me on xbox, cL redruM. you blow

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        See posting your e-mail in a public forum is just asking for trouble. 

        Call back and get another UAI opened.  

        EDIT: And if this is a hare brained scheme just to get the Skyrim GT for yourself I'm going to be cross. 

        Ryder Cup: 10-6 up and you blew it? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

        Oh wait you serious? Let me laugh even harder BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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        So another call made to XBox yesterday.  This time the happy rep told me I got the "cream of the crop" and she would follow up and watch my case to make sure it resolved quickly. Again I was told it would be escalated to a team that handles things that are taking longer than it should blah blah blah give it another 7-10 days.  Yeah ok I dont think so. Apparently these UA's are researched by a group of blind monkey's. Looks like I will be filing my complaint with the BBB today.  I really dont want a playstation but its looking better and better as each day passes.  I work in banking so 1.  I am used to seeing and dealing with fraud and this is a freaking joke, and 2.  Working bankers hours, since my account has been shut down I have am going into my 4th long weekend (my prime time to log some serious online time) and still nothing.  It's funny even my wife is getting pissed and she despises battlefield which is all I want to get online to play.  My next step after the BBB is going to be to give her the phone when I call lol

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        BBB case has been submitted lets see what this brings if anything