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error code 801540B7

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i came here looking for answers as the 2 chat representatives i spoke to have stated i need to wait for the escalations team to call me, with no approximate call date at all.  while i have not deleted my profile and don't have the issue of not being able to re-download my profile, my brother is having that issue and i am getting that error code when i go to 'Xbox Live > Family Center', actually this is the full error i get:

date: 2/15/2012 8:18:09 AM

code: EEEEEEEE801540B7

s: j3mBbYDEbEJ2K5hYNXfVcQ==

id: 9b989fd8-f592-46ef-a84b-4bfac4b9bc53

req: fcca54d1-b89d-4204-bcd9-f1fabfac45f7

i am extremely disappointed to see that some of you have had this issue since Dec 12 with no real resolution in sight, despite what Miss Portia says is in development.

my brothers and i are on a family plan and so all 4 of us are locked out of xbox live.  anyone hear of this resolution Miss Portia speaks of?  or is everyone still in limbo?

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    I am the brother.

    Unlike nippaz, I AM having the profile downloading gives error 801540B7.  Per tech support, i tried removing the harddrive and recovering the gamertag onto a USB drive, but this gives the same error.

    On tuesday (when all of this occured), my account was active on nippaz's xbox.  We decided to start a family plan, so nippaz (parent) created and subscribed to the $100 plan.  He added 2 other family members... I decided that I would join at a later date, so he added me to his family plan, but did not include me into the shared live account.

    Later that evening when I returned home, I inputted a 12month live card into my account via the web.  I then turned on my xbox (not logged in yet), and proceeded to do the update that was released decemberish (prior to this i hadn't turned on my xbox for ~6 months).  The update went without a hitch, and afterwards, I installed MW3 onto the harddrive.

    After this finished, I tried to download my profile on to the box, and then the error occured.

    Strangely, not only does this error appear on the xbox when downloading the profile, it also appears frequently on the web interface ( for example, if i try to open family center, click on any friend's profiles, or if I try to redeem any codes.


    date: 2/16/2012 9:19:12 AM

    code: EEEEEEEE801540B7


    id: 8e7067a3-bff6-4082-9c87-b7b16e3b7121

    req: 86d53fbb-8a6e-4a00-b4d6-02041cbc23d2

    The rep I chatted with tuesday said that this is a known bug, and my account should be fixed within 24 hours, but that time has already passed.  I found the other thread on here dealing with the issue which nippaz above refers to, and apparently the existence of a fix is real, so I still have hope that this isn't going to take weeks to resolve (  

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    Have been having this problem for 2 months now. The xbox live team says they are working on it.

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    Xbox team is a joke seriously. I love xbox but ps3 are getting beter thats the truth guys im not joking they have to sort themselves out!.....  All they care about is money money ..but finally yeah MONEY

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    I booted my xbox to an update this morning thinking a fix was getting applied.

    I installed the update, but still getting the same error.  =(

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    just trying random things, nippaz tried to download my profile onto his xbox...he gets the same error.

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    Hey guys, this issue is currently under investigation. Can you please let us know if you're still experiencing this issue as of 2/22?

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    Ok.  I've been trying everyday.  Hopefully it won't take unti 2/22 to resolve the issue.

    I will update this thread accordingly.  Thanks for the reply Mister Fitzer.

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    just checked and still doesn't work for me.  also tried recovering the other 3 profiles on my console, no luck there either

    are we seriously hoping to have this resolved by Feb 22? so the original escalations teams' estimate of 3-5 days was just a fat pacifier?

    oh, and nearing the end of the second day, no email or call yet

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    Hey all! As Mister Fitzer mentioned, we are actively working on a fix for this issue. I wish I had more information to provide or a further update, but at this time, please know that we are trying very hard to get your accounts back into a playable state. Thank you *so* much for your patience in the meantime! :)

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    Thanks for posting in this thread miss portia!

    Still trying every day. Looking forward to the day we can get back on. Hopefully it'll be sooon!

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    was just checking for an update to this issue, and apparently nothing yet.

    additionally, day 5 now, no contact at all and no remedy

    fingers crossed, and hope our time lost does not go un-compensated

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    just an update or a bump, my brothers and i have tried to download profiles and access the 'family center' today with no success.

    keeping fingers crossed

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    It is now 2/22.  Nothing has changed regarding the issue, and none of us has been contacted by xbox support despite the 3-5 day window given by the chat representatives.  

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    Hey guys, I'm really sorry that we don't have more information to share on the issue at this time. We are still working closely with the engineering team on this issue, but we haven't received a resolution as of yet.

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    Thanks Mister Fitzer for the update.  Since 2/22 wasn't the magic number, how much longer do you think this will take?