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Change date of birth

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I have just been speaking to a support agent, very friendly folk however he could not resolve my issue.

I have been eagerly waiting for pay day to go purchase battlefield 3. I go to access multiplayer and get told to enter the 25 digit code. After this was filled in I proceeded and was stopped by a message "cannot receive information at this time" I have been talking to a support agent, Ken. Who after a while of troubleshooting found out that the problem occured because my xbox live account is under age. I ask surely there must be a way that you can make my D.O.B correct? Apparently not. Then he gives me the option to wait until my age on XBL says im 18, or make a new account just for battlefield 3. Im incredibly outraged and sense and manners is stopping me from saying every swearword in the book. I just bought Battlefield 3 and really badly want to play it but because my account is under age im not allowed to download absolutely anything from the marketplace regardless off its restrictions. Xbox really needs to step up its game I am an Xbox fan boy but I would easily move to PS3 as they can change your D.O.B with valid information which I am willing to give. And I am certainly not going to make a whole new account just for one game. I am definetly going to call xbox as soon as there customer support is open. For now I can only glare at my game and think about playing it online. 

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    Apologies but the EA servers will only allow players over the age of 13 to play online. This is their age restriction not Xbox's.


    In the matter of trying to change your DOB, that is something you cannot do. Once you put in your DOB when creating the account there is no changing it. If you know your birthday and enter it correctly you shouldn't need to change it as entering false information on your account is not allowed. When you create an account the process calls for you to confirm the DOB information twice to ensure you have the correct info.


    If you feel that PS3 will offer you a better experience, by all means.

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    Ahh.. That's annoying. I hope you can get it sorted with them! Good luck...

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    I am aware that the EA servers will only allow players of the age of 13 to play online. This is not the case, I have rung them and asked for my details and my age is 18 on there books. I am well aware of the problem. After chatting to a support agent yesterday the status code presented meant that my account was a child account and that is why I am infringed from playing Battlefield 3 online. The thing is Even though my date of birth is incorrect on my XBL account it still says that I am 14 years of age, and even if I want to download a G rated movie that is FREE I am still not allowed to download because I have a "child account" xbox stuffed me up big time

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    It's not possible to change your age once confirmed to your account

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    How did Xbox 'stuff you up'? When you created your XBL account you entered your birth date. If there was any error it would have been on your end and your fault.

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    But the fact that XBOX cant rectify the problem is the issue. I am a parent and I'm annoyed that my son can't play his game. His account is set to adult settings so I assumed he would be able to play his game. This is not the case since XBOX apparently wants to play my role as the parent. If I, the adult of the house, decide that it's acceptable for my child to play this game, why is XBOX interfering? It seems to me that this could have been avoided is to have had my son lie about his age from the start, and THAT, I don't condone.

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    Since this is a EA service in question Actually EA sets the rules for the service which is origin which is how you create your account for EA

    Not Xbox live

    you don't decide how they govern their service if they require a person to be 18 to use their service that is their right

    If you let your child lie about his age then you accept the consequences

    If you don't like their rules then don't use their service

    There are other games then ea or battlefield in Xbox


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    how do you view the birth date you set for your xbox

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    Hey OminousThree399! You can see the birth date on your account by logging into it's the third item down on the Account Summary page! :)

    If you have any further questions please create your own thread as I'm going to lock this one!