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How do I accept a Child Account's friend requests?

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I have two child accounts under my account, both with Live Gold.  I have their account set to block friend requests so I can approve them, first.  The problem is that I cannot figure out how to do that.

They both have a pending friend request, which I can see if I log in on my PC with their account.  I cannot see those from their account on the xbox.  I also cannot see those friend requests from my account on my PC nor on the Xbox.  If I click "accept" from their account in my browser, it gives me an error and says it can't be completed at this time (I expected it to ask me to log in at that point, which it did not).

I tried lowering the permission to allow friend requests on their account.  After that, I tried adding their friend from their account, but it says he's already in their friend list?? 

Can someone please help me understand what I am supposed to do in this convoluted system so they can play with their friends?

Thank you

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    Hello I found a verified answer in the forums to help you with this. It may be that you were having the same difficulties saving the profile as this father was. Take a look at this link and you can see towards the bottoms what he had done:

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    I found a very frustrating work-around, but still want to know how this is *supposed* to work.  

    I had to log in to my account on xbox, change their settings, then log into each of their pages on a PC browser to accept the friend request as them.  Then I had to change the settings on each account using my xbox account again.  

    Is there no way to manage their settings/friend requests from either the PC or Xbox (but not both...) without having to log into two devices with three accounts like this??

    All the forum and help entries I can find say the parent account will need to approve all child friend requests, but I cannot find anything at all about *how* to actually do this.

    Thank you

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    Yes, that appears to be my problem.  While I expected the custom settings, including the blocking of friend requests, to act the same way it apparently does not.  I never would have figured that out.  Thank you so much!

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    Glad to see HammerfellChick was able to help you out, noahjeff. Happy gaming to you!

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