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Account hacked, changed my password, am I safe now?

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While playing DR2 10 mins ago I got booted off live and a little messaged popped up saying Account Last Signed In On Another Console. i instantly signed back in and then got booted off again 30 seconds later, someone kept signing into my account. i kept signing back in so whoever was doing this couldn't mess with anything like my gamerscore or friends. During the sign in battle I grabbed my tablet, went to my email provider that my live is linked with and changed my password. Am I safe now? This made me VERY worried because something like this hasn't happened anymore. Is there anything they can do to my account? Can they sign into it even though I changed my password? Are there any additional steps I can take to add security?

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  • Yep, once you've clicked that button you'll get a prompt on your console to re-download your profile within the next 2 hours like the message states :).

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  • Hello,

    Even though you've changed your password this person would still be able to login to the account unless you've went to this site here and clicked the "Require Profile Download". That way when the person goes to login to the account again they will be asked to enter in the new changed password. You'd also want to go through and change the e-mail associated with your gamertag as well as change the password for your e-mail account (just in case).

    To learn how to change the e-mail associated with your Microsoft Account you can visit this page here.

    You will also want to take a look at the security checklist here. I also suggest you take a look at your billing and payment information over the next couple of days to make sure nothing was charged that you didn't personally authorize, you can do that by logging into the Microsoft Billing site here. If you do notice that there is something that you did not charge yourself on the account please contact XBOX Support via phone by clicking this link here.

    If you have any further questions, please let us know :).

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    yes but you should probably use more than one emails.

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    Thank you VERY much for your speedy support. I went to the first link and reset the console that it suggest. There was only one console on the list, I couldn't tell if it was me or him.  I can sign in regularly with my console now but it doesn't require me to enter a password(I had previously had the setting set to remember my password ONLY on my console). Will I have to enter my email and password and redownload my profile in a few hours like it said? Again thank you very much for the support everything seems to be ok but I'd like to be 110% sure!

  • Yep, once you've clicked that button you'll get a prompt on your console to re-download your profile within the next 2 hours like the message states :).

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    You could actually redownload your profile right away. And if your email is through a different service, you probably need to change your Microsoft Account password as well. If the theif has your login password, they could redownload it again. Updated your reset information at may be a good idea as well.

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    Alright awesome, thank you! Everything is locked nice 'n tight and I'm playing some Gears 3. Take it easy dude!