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Removing parental controls

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How can I remove the parental controls from my account? I made it a few months ago on a windows 8 consumer preview, while I was still 17 years old.. I turned 18 in august of this year, and after buying an xbox 360 today, I set up my account on it. 

If I want to add someone as a friend, it says that I need to give the password of a parental account, which I forgot the info of.

so, how do I remove all this parental stuff?

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    You would need to promote your account to an adult account. You can find instructions here -

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    Thanks :)

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    how can i make my account an adult? 17 and i dont know how.

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    I have a similar issue, except I'm not able to promote the account since I need the parental account password to be able to even log in... more information in the thread I made, since I was not sure anyone would visit this thread as it is already answered.

    New thread:

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    For steps on how to promote your account, please look in this guide:

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    i forgot my xbox 360 parental control password

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    Hey Exiled! This thread is a bit old, so please go ahead and create a new one. Thanks!