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Renew XBOX Gold

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My credit card has expired and I want to renew my subscription. I tried to do it and the website wanted to send some code to my email. But, I no longer have access to the email address you wanted to send it to. So I updated my security info, as the webpage requested me to do, but it says my info won't update until 02/12/2013. I want to renew NOW, not in one month.

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    Call support. Best way is the Click to Call feature, click on "Support" in the banner, then on the right of that page "Contact Us" then your billing as your issue.  Unfortunately it tries to give you the info to do it yourself and you know you can't, but keep putting billing like items in the drop down and you should get billing and they can transfer the sub to the new card.

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    The requirement for the 30 day delay is imposed by Microsoft Accounts, not by Xbox LIVE.


    The Microsoft Account support folk have their own support forum at

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    also when your account gets suspenended the xbox and the website say that you can do it yourself which isn't true. all you can do is add a card yourself but it won't pay off what is owed so you have to call into support and they cand charge a different card for you.