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Changing locale

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Hey this afternoon I signed up for xbox live and I used an a windows live account for the e-mail and when I entered the info it said locale:United Kingdom and I live in Canada so by accident I said okay . How do I fix this I dont want to get any problems

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  • This only works for the locale on your Xbox.

    You cannot change the region of your account, if that's what you're trying to do.

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    1.Go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings.

    2.Select Console Settings.

    3.Select Language and Locale.

    4.Select Locale, and then select the location where you live.

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    it doesnt works

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    Do exactly what Prince Leo said it'll work 100%.

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    Are you refering to the account region (when you created the account) or to the e-mail region? If it is the account region then once that is set it can not be changed unless you live in one of the nine newly added regions to XBL, of which you do not. Your only recourse would be to create a new account with the correct region selected. When you do things like this you need to make sure you pay attention to what you are doing and take your time.


    If it is in regards to your e-mail region then you should be able to change it via your account settings at your e-mail providers website.

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    The LOCALE where I am doesn't exist on your master list of locales.  Should I choose the closest one?

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    That is upto you

    Remeber if you Do not live in a Xbox live region you may have issues purchasing content and ms points and subscriptions

    Ms points are region locked to the region they are purchased in and must match the account region

    Subscriptions cards are not region locked but well you cannot use an out of region creditcard to purchase membership

    Alot of content are locked to the region they are purchased in also which makes downloading certain content impossible unless you live in that country


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    i cant click on my locale.its lockt

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    If you live in a locale not supported by the Xbox system, you can't create a profile to play Xbox LIVE successfully.

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