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Managing LIVE Auto Renewal on

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What is auto renewal?
By default, when you purchase a LIVE Gold subscription auto renewal will be set to "on". When your subscription runs out, it will automatically charge your payment method for another subscription so you never have to worry about running out of LIVE time. 

How do I turn auto renewal off?
You can now visit your account page on and click the "Change" button next to auto renewal. Follow the prompts until you receive the confirmation for successfully turning it off. 

How do I turn auto renewal on again?
To reactivate auto renewal on your account you can either purchase or add LIVE time to your account or just call phone support and ask for it to be turned on again. 

I still can't remove my payment method
You must have a payment method on your account for the duration of your LIVE subscription. Don't worry, it won't be charged for any more LIVE time if you have successfully turned off auto renewal. If you want to change the payment method on your account, you can add a new payment method and select to transfer your subscription to the new one, then remove the original. You can also just let your LIVE time run out and then remove your payment method entirely.

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