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Ascend Soul code is Invalid. Summer of Arcade promotion

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I received the Summer of Arcade bonus soul pack for Ascend: Hand of Kul.


Upon attempting to redeem the code, I get an error message stating that the code is invalid. It was typed out correctly via the console and is also invalid when entered via the Redeem a Code page. I can confirm that I am NOT the only person having this issue with an invalid code.


I can only assume that these codes and emails were sent out before the codes were actually activated. I am in the Ascend BETA and as an Xbox Ambassador I am letting everyone else know about this here so perhaps the Support Team can take action on their end. I have also informed the Developer, Signal Studios, about this issue directly.


If you are having the same problem, please chime in as well to corroborate what I have posted. Thanks.

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    I have the same problem and it's making curious what's wrong with the code. Maybe we have to wait til the game drops?

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    I have had the same problem. I imagine that the codes are not working since the title has not been released onto the marketplace yet, and that they will work once it is.

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    Hey there folks,

    Those codes will most likely be activated after the game is out of Beta and officially released.

    Please let us know if they are still showing as invalid codes once the game is out. Until then, happy gaming! 

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    Thanks, Mr. Fizzle. I wondered if this would be the cause of the problem I was having. (I know I'm not the OP, but this thread saved me from asking). Just out of curiosity, why didn't the e-mail state that the code won't work until the game releases in full? Were we just expected to assume that with the little note at the bottom that says it releases on the 25th?

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    Hey there Hyrule!

    We can't really comment on why the email didn't include certain information. It sounds like a situation where it all made sense to the folks who wrote it but it didn't make sense to everyone involved. That's totally a guess, though.

    At any rate, definitely let us know if the codes don't work when the game is released and we'll work with you all from there. =)

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    why didnt they just send the email out when the game released, would have not caused any confusion

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    Hey there Iceberg. We can't comment on why the email was sent out when it was. That would be something to take up with them. =)

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    I was able to successfully redeem the code today.

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    While I was able to redeem the code. The Bonus Souls from this Summer of Arcade code Pack were NOT added. I only received the previously purchased souls plus the 3,000 you get for starting the game.

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    Hi The Crazy Beard,

    Have you checked out the 'Terms' of that promotion? I am wondering if they will be deposited at a later date? 

    Let us know, and we can go from there.  

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    They are suppose to be deposited when you redeem the code and the codes became valid as of this morning. It has NOTHING to do with the T&C and everyone else is having the same issue.

    The developer's, Signal Studios, have been informed but this is a Microsoft and Xbox LIVE issue since it's a 1st Party Game and this is MS's promotion that is NOT working properly.

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    Hi The Crazy Beard,

    Upon further investigation, this does seem wide-spread.

    We are currently investigating, and I will let you know when I know more.

    Thank you all for your patience!  

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    Hi all,

    If you perform these steps, are you then able to get the bonus Souls to properly show up:

    1. Download Ascend: Hand of Kul.

    2. Redeem token for the SoA soul pack.

    3. Start game.

    4. Create character.

    5. Exit game.

    6. Upon re-entering the game are you awarded with 50k souls?

    Let us know. Thanks!