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xbox live status code 80153021

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Hi, I'm trying to get a 12 month xbox live gold membership via marketplace by credit card and error 80153021 appears do you know why is this happening?

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    Hey guys! Since this thread is dated over 6 months ago, would you please each create your own, brand new thread in this forum? Make sure to detail the issue you're having, the error codes you receive and any steps you've already tried to reslove the issue! This will allow us to provide you each individual support based on where you're at. Thank you in advance! :)

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    That code means you have a billing violation associated with your account. You need to call support for your region to clear it up.  Go to it should say what's wrong.

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    mmm :( well i'll give them a call to see what is happening thanks!

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    That code usually means an authorization failure, billing information might not match the account or that the transaction timed out.

    If everything is up to date and matches, trying waiting 48 hours. If it was an authorization failure it'll put a time lock on the account that prevents the purchase from going in. If you try again before the lock expires, it restarts it.

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    My account is in good standing, everything up to date. I don't think that error message means what you think it means.

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    that status code does mean that there is a authorization failure

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    Did you check with banks? I know that sometimes the when MS is trying to authorize the charges, they don't send a predetermined amount and the bank rejects it.

    Its part of an automated system, so they can't manually adjust what its trying to authorize.

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    I am getting the same status code but for a different reason. I am trying to download the Youtube app and when I hit the Download Now button it switches right to the error message. Feel free to talk technical, I am very knowledgeable with tech but this problem has stumped me

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    Hey Spyder - that error code means your account has a charge that hasn't fully cleared. Have you recently tried to purchase anything?

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    I have this error code when I try to activate a Live Membership card:(

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    I have the error code to when trying to redeem a 3 month live card please help

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    I'm having this same error :O

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    Please, We need your help to solve this problem! ASAP, if u guys won't help, that means i just wasted $400+ on the Xbox and Xbox live D: SO PLEASE HELP US!