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Cannot make purchases on Live, add credit cards, or use Paypal

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I have seen other posts with this same problem dating back over six months, but there does not seem to be any evidence of a solution, or even an acknowldgement from Microsoft of the issue.  I am posting to make sure that M$ is aware of this problem and to see if any progress has been made.

Problem: After having a functional Live account for years, I suddenly was presented with the following issues:

1.  Cannot use any existing cards to make purchase on xbox console or on  The error message on console I states "Sannot authorize payment method...' while on computer it states, 'Your payment instrument could not be authorized. Please contact your provider, or try a different payment option.'

2.  Cannot use Paypal to make purchases on either xbox console or  Same error message as above.

3.  Cannot  add any new cards on  I repeatedly receive error message stating 'invalid credit card number'

I first experienced the problem over a week ago, and have since spent hours with xbox support to no avail.  I have tried the following solutions:

1. Verified xbox account has no holds or issues with Microsoft.

2. Tried 3 different cards from 3 different financial institutions, and checked that there are no holds or freezes on cards. 

3.  Waited well over 72 hours with no account activity to ensure there is not a fraud lock on my xbox account.

4. Cleared the system cache and marketplace cache on my harddrive. 

Note, that I have used these cards successfully in the past on Live, and I was currently able to still add and use them on a different Live account on my box and to make a successful purchase of points.  I did this while on the phone with a support supervisor to demonstrate that it is not a problem with my card but is something on M$'s end, something specific to my account.  Interestingly enough, I am still able to purchase xbox games on my windows phone.  Additionally, I have checked everything else in 's thread on the topic of being unable to purchase content.

I feel that I have demonstrated far beyond a reasonable doubt that there is not an issue on my end of things, and that there is some problem with my live account.  I am hoping to get some response on this issue.  After first bringing in a supervisor to throw every excuse in the book at me that could possibly shift the blame to me (despite that I had done my homework and had ample evidence to the contrary), support finally admitted that things on my side look perfect to them, and that they cannot identify the problem.  The issue was then escalated, and I am awaiting a reply (for up to 2 weeks apparently).  Can any of the other people who have posted on the forums with this same issue and have had it escalated with support post if you have received any response and what it was?  Thanks!

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    Did you find an answer yet?

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    I too am just experiencing this same issue, it has happened several times and I have just re-added my paypal account which usually works although it means I now have a list of growing non functioning paypal codes to choose from but today when I readded my paypal account yet again it still wont work. i checked all my paypal settings and all looks fine there, I have a balance in both my bank account and credit card but it just wont work this time...  please fix this or dont you want my money anymore, microsoft?..

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    Also having the same problem.  When I try to use my Paypal it states: This action cannot be performed at this time. Please try again later.

    When I try to enter either my debit bank cards or my regular credit cards it states that I need to "enter a valid number".  Nothing is working and I know it's not a money issue on my part and I know my bank isnt stopping the transaction.  I tried 2 different bank accounts of mine and it still shows the same thing.  The biggest problem is why it states my credit card numbers are invalid.  I've tried it with no spaces, with spaces, with dashes... nothing works.  

    Please post solutions.... need a resolution ASAP.  Started my Netflix streaming subsciption the other day and if I can't buy a Gold Membership, I am just wasting money with Netflix.

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    Greetings to the thread! I'm sorry to hear you're having problems using PayPal. Demon & Iceprinzess - Can you help me by each creating a new thread for your issues detailing any error codes or messages you see along with all troubleshooting steps you have taken at present? By doing this we will be able to offer you the highest quality and speediest support possible. Thank you very much!

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    "High quality" "Speedy support"

    He didn't even TRY to answer this OP's post, let alone help anybody else.  He has three star rep for a reason. Because he fakes caring enough to get a +1 now and again, but does nothing enough to get -2.

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    Hi Bloodywolf, since this thread is pretty dated (03/2012), if you need assistance with anything please create a new thread detailing your issue. Thank you.

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    Hey there, Bloodywolf56. Very sorry to hear I gave you that impression. It was not my intention. If you can create a new thread and list the information I requested in my post I would be more than happy to troubleshoot with you. This information is helpful to provide context behind your situation so we can offer you the best resolution steps possible for your situation. Thank you in advance!

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