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Status code 807b0194

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Me and my girlfriend is renting a video from Zune - "Tower Heist".
And like 25% in to the movie its gets stuck, and gives me this error status code 807b0194.

I have tried to restart my internett, my xbox, checked my internett connection and what not. still gives me the error code, or "the network connection was interrupted"..
I got a 12mps internet connection, so watching a movie would not be a problem, and havent been a problem before.

And the stupid part of all this is, "we do not refund your money" even if the product im buying is [REMOVED - LANGUAGE]

What does my customers do when they buy a thing that brakes within a week, or not working as it should etc, guess what, they get a new product or their money refunded, no question asked..

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  • Hey there DJ! I'm terribly sorry to hear about the trouble here. Just to be clear, were you having issues downloading the movie, or streaming it? If downloading, have you tried deleting the partial file, clearing the system cache, restarting the console, and then downloading it again from your history?

    Also, I do suggest you contact phone support in your region ( to see if they can provide you any further help with this. Please let me know what you find out, thanks!

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    call xbox and complain and maybe they will give yu a code to add microsoft points back on or they might add them directly onto you account. you may hafta call a few times, guess it depends on how much it bugged you

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    Well, i wont spend the same amount of money to call xbox support, as i spent on that movie.

    And definitely wont speak to a person who dont answer or dont understand my questions.

    First time i got my profile got canceled for some akward reason, i called xbox support and i spent 2 hours trying to explain my problem, and also at the same time trying to understand the person.

    First thing xbox support should do is to hire person who speaks perfect english, and not some jibberish non understandable english.

    I tried to continiue the movie today, and still the same problem.

    So that means i wont bother renting a movie from zune anymore.

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    How did u get ride of the code?

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    I experienced similar issues with this film on Zune.  I think it's a problem specific to this film on Zune.  If you skip to the next chapter and rewind to about 27 mins you should be able to watch the remainder

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    Having the same issue, skipping and going back didn't work.

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    Greetings, Spartaness! Can you please create a new thread detailing out your situation including any error messages you are encountering along with the troubleshooting steps you have taken so far? This will enable us to provide you with the best support possible for your specific issue. Thank you!

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    Yeah this seems to be a problem specific to this movie. Rented streaming HD and am having the same problem.

    Happened 24% in for me. Gonna try the chapter skipping suggestion.