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Status Code 801901F7

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I'm getting really sick of seeing this crap. I've not been able to add points to my account in ages. I just keep getting errors.

Adding points from XBox dashboard:
"Can't retrieve information from Xbox LIVE. Please try again later. Status code: 801901F7"

From my computer:
"This action cannot be performed at this time. Please try again later. For more information, go to"

When trying to edit payment options:
"An error occurred. Please try again later."


Is Microsoft trying to make me go buy a PS3?? I will, if this bs keeps stopping me from downloading the content I want.

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    Hey xixao3d, i see you are very angry and am sorry about your payment method issues.  this last error code 80169d94 is now a lock that you will need to call support to work out.

    I'd just like to gently suggest that you please try to calm down a bit. ALL online services require payment validations and if you struggle with one company there's no guarantee that a different one will be better.

    Please be calm and slowly check over all your little details on the payment method.

    You also might benefit from using a  Microsoft Points card if you are having so many issues this way.  Just a thought.

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    Additional errors:

    Pay with PayPal button:

    "We cannot complete your request now, please try again later. Message 40001"

    And occassionally, the same button just says "Bad Request"

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    New code on the console:


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    I can guarantee  that playstation is better with their purchasing. i have never had an error on psn. theres no exchange of points either

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    it's too bad that you're having issues saintedplacebo4.    maybe you could post in a new thread and get the attention you need that way?

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    It was, indeed, an account lock. I received an email just now, informing me that it had been removed. Funny, though, that none of my security info was changed, and no payment methods were updated. The cards on file are the same ones used to make a few dozen purchases, including my gold subscription, which was still active. There was no reason for an account lock, and the status codes offer nothing but further frustration. Just more Microsoft nonsense. This is why I scrapped my Windows PCs and bought my MacBooks. Microsoft just doesn't get what it means to take care of their customers.

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    If their was an account lock it was due to not keeping profile and account security update. if not for the lock you could have ahd a possible unathorized access. it is 100% you duty to make sure you information is updated at all times. that is not microsofts responsibility. and yes if their are frustrations with managing your payment options you may benefit to purchasing prepaid cards.

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    Hey ZoMbiE bLo0d! Thanks for the information, in the future when posting though make sure to check the original post date. Since this thread is dated back to July I'm going to go ahead and lock it! :)