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Bought battlefield 3 premium but can't access close quarters servers?

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I recently bought the premium pack for Xbox 360 via battlefield in-game store and I have to say I'm a little disappointed. It says I have premium and so does battlelog, I have gun camos now and the premium dog tags and body camo. However If i go to play on a close quarters map, I immediately get kicked with an error saying: 
"The Server is now running content that you don't have, look in the store for additional content or make sure that all your content is installed." 

I thought close quarters was force downloaded with the recent patch? However I went to download it just in case and it wants to charge me an additional 2,000 ms points? The description says premium players don't purchase so I didn't. 

I've reset my game and still no luck! Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

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  • Check your console's storage device: 

    XBOX 360 Dashboard > Settings > System > Storage > Hard Drive > Games and Apps > Battlefield 3

    You should see Battlefield 3 HD Content (if you chose to install that), Battlefield 3 Title Update (183 MB), Battlefield 3 Update (2.1 GB), Battlefield 3 Premium (56 KB), Multiplayer Update 3 (2.4 GB), Multiplayer Update 4 (1.5 GB), and Online Pass (56 KB), Armored Kill (1.6 GB).

    Like I said, you don't get the option to download Close Quarters as it does cost 1,200 Microsoft Points alone, you need to have Multiplayer Update 3 downloaded correctly in order to access close quarter servers. Battlelog will of course state you have access to BK, CQ and AK as soon as you purchased Premium but you still need to download the multiplayer updates.

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    You need to download all of the multiplayer updates in order to get access to Close Quarters. It's tied to Multiplayer Update 3, Multiplayer Update 4 is required to be able to download Armored Kill for free if you have premium.

    Please download multiplayer update 3 and then try to access a close quarters server after restarting your XBOX 360.

    Let us know if that works out. 

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    I'm pretty sure I did because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to purchase premium via the in-game icon right?

    I'm updated as much as possible and I am downloading armored kill for free as we speak. Just can't play on any premium servers...

    Also my battlelog says I have access to close quarters

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    Thank you so much! Didn't realize I skipped it somehow. Hopefully it will work now. Thanks again!

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    No problem, feel free to post back if you require some additional assistance. They definitely don't make it easy with instructions when you buy Premium, a bit of an oversight on EA's part but happy to have been able to help ya out.

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    I am having an issue getting clise quarters to work without saying the disk is scratched. I have all those updates, but strangely can only play about 10 seconds of close quarters before it says the content wont work. I keep deleting and re downloading it hoping it will work

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    imachavel, these forums work best if you post your own question in a new thread, so you get the answer to your question the quickest.

    That being said, you can contact EA at 866-543-5435 or at about disc replacement, or try finding a 'disc polisher' through your friendly neighborhood gaming store to try to buff out the scratches.

    FYI, NEVER clear a disc by wiping in a circular motion; always start in the center and wipe out to the rim.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    Ok, its definitely not a disk problem, but a software problem, probably with a firmware update, or maybe I just  cant download the dlc without it being corrupted. Either way, Ill just start a new thread, thanks