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Purchase by paypal

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i cant add paypal as a purchase Option in the xbox menu after the latest System Update, where the microsoft points were dismissed, to rent movies etc.

Is it still possible to pay with Paypal? I have added this payment method in my account but it doesnt appear in the xbox menu when i am asked for Payment.

i can only choose add creditcard or debit payment or purchase via account. But i dont know how to add the money to my account via Paypal now.

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    Had the same problem with Paypal not appearing as a payment option for Xbox Video. Removed and re-added paypal and still didn't work so finally spoke to support. Turns out that since the update to turn MS points into local currency Xbox Video no longer accepts Paypal as a payment option. Paypal can still be used for Marketplace purchases at least, though I'm not sure what else is no longer supported. Apparently this is due to be rectified on another update around the time of the Xbox One release.

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    hi  have you tryed  adding it threw your account online  under my account you will manage payment options and a few other things on there

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    You could try to add it as a payment option through, by going to manage payment options.

    If it's not available, I would guess PayPal isn't on there yet.

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    i have added it there, but it doesnt appear under payment options in my xbox, when i. e. try to rent a movie via xbox video.

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    Hi Pelztierchen,

    Have you attempted to Clear your Cache and Redownload your profile? If not, I would suggest trying that, as that may push the changes through. 

    Let us know how that goes, or if you have anymore questions.  

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    i have done the steps, but paypal is still not available in the xbox payment option.

    And when i try to pay with direct debit, i get error code 80190861

    I already looked it up and tried the tooltips but it doesnt work either.

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    do you have a credit or debit card already added to your paypal account?

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    Hi PayPal was frozen for me a few months ago – turned out it was a common issue and in the end I could not buy anything online or on console even though all methods valid and enough funds etc.

    After contacting support here:

    It turns out the issue relates to a risk block where by if you buy numerous items in a short time scale or have  suddenly bought something after a long break then the system automatically lock your account to prevent fraud.

    To remove the lock please contact support as above and explain the issue.

    Be aware it took 5 days for a resolution for me but I have been told now up to 20 says so please be patient.

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    Ok i will try that out, i havent purchased something via xbox for a certain time, so maybe this will fix it.

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    Thank you very much.

    I expected that, because before the update everything was fine and worked with paypal.

    But i wonder why the xbox support didnt told me that, when i was in the chat with them. :(

    Ok so i have to wait or buy a gift code.