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Downloads on old acc

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Since u can play with any acc on the xbox the downloads was downloaded origenally, how do i download something i purchased already with my old (banned) acc ?


if support can help me my banned tag is: bakels

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  • All content on banned accounts are forfeit.

  • Rekkie, if you'd like to dispute your ban, you can post here.

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    best is, i was banned for marketplace theft..and i never did any of that, i bought everything with legit points...wish support can just go LOOK in my purchase history..... all my proof is their that im innocent

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    does not matter, if you are banned you have to buy all your downloaded content all over again.

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    understand, but as i said im innocent..if they can just go compare what i "stole" and what i "bought", they will see they made a fault , and everything WAS bought LEGALLY!

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    they do not ban accounts for marketplace theft without 100% proof, so again the only way you will get that stuff is to pay for it again and DON'T get banned again.

    XBOX 360, kicking other consoles backsides since 2005.

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    its my right to know what proof they have and what i did wrong...if i dont know what the exact casue was for the ban, then  i wont know what not to do next time...

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    Usually that information isn't released because if they tell someone through the forum, hackers can work to get around the detection.

    If you're adament about it, file a complaint with the BBB. Those things are usually investigated and proof can be shown privately.