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i have bought loads of arcade games for microsoft points and now i can't play them on another profile because i have bought the arcade games on a previous xbox, now i have a new one and i can't play them on it.

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i need to wait 4 months till i can do another license transfer! how can i get al my games back that i actuly own, i mean i didn't know that when i bought all my arcade games that i don't get to keep them, i should of thought of it... how can i get my games back!

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    You can try calling support. In some circumstances they can do a manual license transfer for you. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until you can do a license transfer.

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    The manual transfer will take 1 to 2 weeks to do but they can do it.  However, in the meantime just go to your download history of the gamertag that originally purchased the content.  You should be able to redownload the games and have full access to them on that console.

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    so all i have to do is re-download the games on the profile that i originaly bought them on, then they will work on any profile?

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    No. You can redownload the games on the profile that bought them and you can play them with that profile, but the license transfer is needed if you want to play them on other profiles.

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    If you have the purchasing profile signed in on a second controller, you should be able to access them on another profile.

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    Well I did a system transfer, and I deleted Minecraft and then I wanted to redownload it but it said it was 1600 MC. Does anyone know how to get it back?

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    yes, first do not bump a thread from almost a year ago, and second you download it from your download history NOT the marketplace.

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