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NFL Profile Picture

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A while back on my last Xbox 360, I bought a profile picture pack off of one of the old maddens to get Dallas Cowboys related profile pictures.

Well I lost that Xbox 360 to the red ring of death and I'm onto my next one, but I can't find where to re-download that picture pack that I purchased a long time ago and would really like to on my newer 360.

I looked in the marketplace and i could only find the Madden games back to 2010 and I think it was before then.

I need help on finding out how to get my profile picture back, thank you in advance if you can help me. 

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  • Hi Lunatic Fring3,

    Have you looked through your Download History to see if you can locate and re-download the picture pack?

    • On your console navigate to the Settings Hub and select Account.
    • Select Download History.
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    It may have even been an NFC East pack with the other teams as well, it's been so long i can't remember. I really want it back though.

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    It was a Big East one, not sure how to find it either, and the Dallas Cowboys pack.

    Want to know how to find the Cowboys one more but if you have any info on the year of NCAA that they sold it as well, that's helpful too.

    [Edit] The college one was 2009, I found it and downloaded again. Still need info on what year of Madden they had the Dallas Cowboys avatar pack. 

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    I'm looking through the list of titles for gamer pictures and not one of the Madden games is listed.

    This is bs. I bought the pack, I want my profile pictures back.

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    Anyone out there?

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    Dude, I love you, no-homo.

    It totally worked. Luckily I don't download much so it was there. Thankfully it wasn't xbox specific and had all for the profile.

    I haven't used Xbox Live much for while now, and all the marketplace menus are much more confusing and less user-friendly than they were in the first place.

    5* help, thanks.

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    Sorry you had to post it again and say the same thing.

    The boards are messing up and it showed my name and avatar for your comment so I kind of overlooked it.

    Many thanks.