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Guys, I recently joined the Xbox Ambassadors Community....

Whenever I go to to the Ambassabank Bank, it asks me to download Silverlight but after downloading the Silverlight, it is still the blank screen...

Please Help (:

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    Please post these issues in the Ambassador forums that are designed for this.


    Ambassador Support

    As for your question, I'll need a bit more info. What browser are you using? Make sure it is Internet Explorer and also make sure you are using in-private browsing  for best results(ctrl+shift+p).

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    This happens if you are running chrome.

    Supported browsers can be seen on the FAQ on the ambassador pages

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    Hello Sandy! And welcome to the XBOX Ambassador Crew.  I am glad to see you have joined us, but I am sorry that you are having issues with the Ambassabank.  For one, did you restart your computer after you downloaded Microsoft Silverlight? I would try that first and see if that makes a difference.

    If it does not, I would go to your control panel, go to Add/Remove Programs, and delete the Microsoft Silverlight program. From there, restart your computer, and try the download again. Then do one final restart after the download is complete. I would try those 2 options first and I will follow up with this thread to see if you continue to have problems.

    We are glad to have another XBOX Ambassador here!

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    I had this issue yesterday, you need the silverlight for the questions to be a live stream.....same problem you had  

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    I had the problem too. I'm quite sure it only works on IE

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    I had the same Problem.

    1,Install Silverlight

    2, Use Internet Explore or Firefox (Google Chrome Not Supported yet)

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    I'm using Windows 8, the Chrome-browser as an app and it doesn't work, too. If i use Chrome as a desktop-version it works without any issues.

    You can switch beetween this modes (as app or desktop) via the options-menu.

    I don't know if this happens with other browsers, too. I only use Chrome.

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