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Microsoft Points expired, would like to know why and why I wasn't warned...

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Hi there,

I recently noticed that a number of my Microsoft Points disappeared from my account and decided to see if I could find out why.

Upon checking of my account history, I noticed that 120 points expired on the 11th February 2012. I could not work out why this had happened, since purchased points do not expire (from the first line of this: and the FAQ on the Xbox Live Rewards page ( quotes;

"Will my Xbox LIVE Rewards Points expire? A. Rewards Points do expire, so be sure to use them by June 30, 2013. See Terms and Conditions for full details."

I therefore read the T&Cs and found nothing on when reward points expire. These are the only 2 ways I have ever received points, so I questioned this and I rang Xbox Customer Support. The assistant checked very thoroughly to find out why these points had expired and could not find out why, and told me that the rewards scheme forum was the only place I could find out why this had happened.

So this post is asking why my points expired, and if there is no valid reason, I would like the 120 points back, as I was saving my rewards points for a specific item from the Marketplace. I was not warned that they would expire, and even after they had, I was not told that they had (by email or message on my Xbox) and had to check in to it myself.

I was given this reference number: 1174951770, when speaking to the assistant on the phone, and I am able to give more details if necessary. I would like to speak to someone over the phone if possible, but am happy to speak to someone on-line if it resolves the matter.

Thank you,

Matthew Bickley (GT: mattfeeder18)

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    Hi Matt! My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Rewards Program points do not expire, but Promotional points do. I think those were the points expiring on you.  In order to verify that for yourself, please check to see your points.  Log in with the same Windows Live ID that you use with your Xbox account.  I am going to close this thread.  If you have more questions, please feel free to open a new post.  Thanks.  


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    Hi again,

    On a second note, I am also missing the 20 MS points that should've been awarded for taking the January 2012 survey. I've taken all the surveys so far and received the 20 MS points (40 MS for one month if I remember correctly) but the January 2012 survey has never appeared in my pending points or awarded ones.

    If someone could help me with this, that would also be great.

    Thanks, Matthew

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    This is a whole new scam that a few people are just finding out about, you are not alone is mysteriously expiring points. No one will call you on the phone and there is no customer service line, that is a basic service that every business dealing with the public provides, except for xbox live rewards. You'll just have to air your dirty laundry for everyone to see, although, this also means that you get to promote your displeasure with the service when you don't get treated fairly. Take a few minutes to look through the pages of this forum, just by the titles you can tell all the problems people are having with xlr.

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    Reading through all these complaints that go unresolved makes me not even want to complain, I haven't received my points nor are they pending. The only points pending are the 20msp I get a month for filling out that short survey.

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    Blaze - Please do post your complaints, and if they don't respond continue to post until someone does. Even if they don't ever respond you'll contribute towards making people more aware of the scams xbox live rewards is running on their customers. They chose to do their customer service on a public forum, now everyone can see how disorganized and troublesome they are. Contribute to the truth by posting how Xbox Live Rewards has ripped you off.

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    Hi again,

    I may have solved it. I was awarded 120 MSP back in February 2011, from my first Marketplace purchase and the January 2011 survey. My next award of points from the scheme would've been 100 MSP in July 2011, then next would've been 100 MSP in December 2011 and finally, 110 in more in April this year. I have points expiring (according to Xbox Customer Service) in July and December, so I believe the "missing" 120 MSP would be from the first 120 awarded in February 2011, expiring exactly a year later.

    But now the question is, why did they, and are more of my MSP, set to expire? They was no warning that they would and the T&Cs do not state they expire after a year, in fact, states they are good until half way through 2013.

    Why did they expire?