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Points expired?

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I definitely made sure to read over the terms and FAQ and it states that points earned by this program expire in June 2013, yet I just had some expire on me today.  Had it been clearly noted that they would have expired sooner, I sure would have used them before now!

At the very least, the FAQ or terms needs to be more clear if points earned before a certain date do indeed expire a year later so people like me can know to use them rather than thinking they expire June of next year.

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    I looked at your account, and on April 12, 160 Promotional Points expired. You still have your Program points available. Promotional points expire after a year, and they are usually given to customers via Email as tokens for contests, drawings, or promotional games. Program points, which are given out by the Rewards Program, do not expire.I hope this helps.

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    Are you sure they were Rewards program points that expired? All promotional points expire so if you had previously signed up for a promotion through the dashboard  those could have been the ones to expire.

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    Never signed up for any promotions via the dashboard.  Also checking back in my email since I delete nothing, it looks like last year on this day was when rewards points were awarded and I got 160 points and that is the exact number that expired today.

    I am rather upset that the FAQ and terms both do not state that the points expire in a year, but instead state that they expire June of next year.  I definitely made sure to check that before holding on to them and it isn't like the BAM site gives expiration dates either.

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    So in other words it's not that all points expire on one date in 2013 it's that all points expire after a full year and their next expiration is June 2013? This rewards program just gets scammier and scammier.

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    Honestly, I don't object to the points expiring.  I understand that is totally Microsoft's right and equate it a bit to being like a coupon you cut from an ad.  However, a coupon typically has a clear expiration date marked and what happened here is like cutting a coupon that says it will expire May 5th, and then going to to the store and finding out it actually expired April 5th and it's past that.  All that needs to be done is put in the FAQ and terms instead "Points expire one year after they are awarded" and all of a sudden this is no longer an issue because it was explained clearly and I know to use them by then rather than thinking they will expire next year.