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Xbox Live Rewards Triple Play rewards: entertain me

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i have completed the game and the social sections of the programme. For the entertainment, do you have to watch 10hours worth of videos of ABC, SBS, zune etc. ? Or just have to open the app for ten hours?

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    Just have a closer look at the Terms & Conditions.

    "B. Entertainment Category:


    2. Use any of the following Entertainment apps for ten (10) cumulative hours or more during the offer period. The time accumulates between all of the eligible apps (for example, the time does not have to be spent on a single app). The following is the list of eligible apps (app availability may vary by country):

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    That's the *** part, the only free benefit apps worth looking at are and maybe Vevo....even then a whole 10hrs in a month?! Not gonna happen!

    Moreover I'd much rather have 10hrs of Youtube, but obviously that would be too easy so they put it in the 'social'! Then again the Youtube app now locks up [randomly?] after just a few mins of clip watching, since they UPDATED it. So no wonder it's just a mere 1 hour requirement for the 'social' thing...

    Hey Microsoft, if you don't like Youtube giving it's content away with no ads.....remove the damn app. Don't inject a *** bug into it to, akin to neutering its balls...besides they've started putting in some closeable ads now; so now would you kindly fix the lock up glitch?!

    Or if you reject my cynicism, plz tell the damn app developers at Youtube or MS to fix their ***!

    /rant over

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    Hi guys,

    You do have to watch for 10 hours. And, in regards to keeping track of all your time: unfortunately, we are unable to track your Triple Play progress on our end. It's up to you guys to keep an eye on everything. But, rest assured, we're going to calculate everything on May 1st. This is when you'll see your points as 'Pending'. Then, on about May 15th, everything will be deposited into your account. Thanks so much for participating!

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    thanks STALKER2K, but you didnt  answer my question. I asked do i open the app for 10 cumulative hours or do i have to watch 10 cumulative hours of videos? Thanks

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    I'd like to know too. Is there any way to know if you qualified for the promotion?

    @Nenzi... you should listen to more music, it's good for you :\

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    I'm about 90% sure that a video (or similar) has to actually be playing for the time to count, but I don't have a source to actually back that up, I'm afraid.

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