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The Match game that was on Xbox live rewards last month.......................

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Hi I didnt know where to ask this qustion so ima ask it here. About 2-3 ago when Xbox live rewards had this lil matching game where everyday you match pics up and win a chance for MS points and other stuff. Well anyway one day while playing I won 160 MS points and it said that I would get a email about what I won. But it never came. No email no nothing! So seeing how its almost been a month I wanted to know how can I find out what happened or how to report this. Why would the Match game tell me that I won if nothing was ever sent to me??? Smells like a scam but before I report to the BBB I wanted to see if anyone on Xbox live side could help me. If you can thank you soo much but if not thank you for your time.

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    Hi HAGAISHI! Please check your Private Messages here on the Forums. Enjoy!

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    All winners will recieve E-Mails 6-8 Weeks after the promotion ends.

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    We'll make sure you get all of the Points that you're entitled to. Thanks GDN, but actually I just confirmed that emails should have been received 1 hour after winning. Please make sure to check the email address associated with the Windows Live ID / Gamertag (i.e. where you get your statement emails). Sometimes these emails end up in the Junk folder. If you still don't see it, please reply back to this thread. We will then be able to check to see if you are indeed a winner. If so, we can generate some new codes for you. Thanks!

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    ..., but actually I just confirmed that emails should have been received 1 hour after winning...

    No, we did not receive that emails... and we all looked in our junk folders.

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    Didnt know that I needed to check my Junk file. Whats sad is no email from microsoft in that ether. I wish I took a screen pic of it. I hope yall guys can fix this. Im only out of 160 MS points which isnt that much but if this has happened to me I can just wounder how many other people this has happened to? And thank you for your time and I hope this gets fixed, I love the promos the XBL dose. I spend the most when XBL have promos, and boy oh boy Id played that match game lil alomost everyday only in the hopes that I might win something. I think my best time was 44 secs! But anyway I really hope yall fix this and thank you sooo much for hearing me and others out.