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Xbox live rewards microsoft points dont get deposited in my account

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I have a problem with xbox live rewards

Im a member of xbox live rewards since Oct 7 2011 and my points never in that time have been deposited in my account

I think the points deposit in my account if i have more then 100 and i have 350 and the points dont get deposited and i really need the points

Please i need help fast, Please help me


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    Hi there, BloodyWand237! Thank you for reaching out. We have confirmed that your awarded Rewards Points have indeed been deposited into your Xbox LIVE account. You can track them on the Microsoft Billing site actually found here: To navigate this site, we've put together this sticky for you to reference: Please note the site will only show you Points transactions from a year out and those deposits are labeled as "Credit". The following deposits from the program are still listed on the Microsoft Billing site: 40 Points in early December, 20 Points in late December, and 100 Points in April. Thanks!

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    Hi Bloody:  I see that your points have been deposited in your Xbox LIVE account.  Please feel free to verify this for yourself on this site:  Log in using your Windows Live ID that you use for your Xbox.  The description of the points deposit will be "Promotional Points".   I hope this helps.  Thanks.  

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    Hi XBLRewards1 could you mind helping me with the same problem thanks.

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    Hi Elite: Could we ask you to please start your own thread so we can help you out? Thanks!

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    How do I start a new thread

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    I have the same problem.. I have MCP in my rewards account but Its not depositing in my profile. What do I do?