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in-dash offer "enjoy 2 months of xbox live gold for only $2"

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Just starting today, i have a in-dash offer to accept the above mention offer. so i choose the option "yes i want gold", and i get a xbox live marketplace notice that says "there are no memberships for this game".


i'd like to take advantage of the offer. Can i have some assistance with this?

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  • @DoodoobBrown666 - If you're referring to a refer a friend issue, have you started a new thread? Or, if not, would you be able to? :)

    @Everyone else - could you all ensure your billing info is up to date? If so, try recovering your Gamertag on your console, and see if that helps. :)

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    My problem with this promo is that it said I and the people I recommend will get 400 ms points and my friend purchased the offer but hasn't gotten any points nor have I. I never even got an email saying that they took advantage of the offer..I am not just making you money for the fun of it..I would like my rewards or at least a little security that I will actually get the rewards...It takes .3 seconds to confirm payment from a credit card but a week to get the rewards confirmation?