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Upgrading Xbox, HDD data?

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Hi, I am hoping someone can give me some advice?

I am looking at exchanging my old Xbox 120gb Elite for a new slim model because Game are doing an offer.  The main reason for me upgrading is because I will soon need a  wireless adaptor to connect to LIVE.  Due to these being stupidly priced it makes sense to take Game up on their offer knowing I will have a new 1 year warranty, 1 new game and a new pad (mines a bit worn).  The problem I have though is of course all my data and games are currently on the Elite and by part-exchanging I will be unable to transfer the data when I get home.  So what ways round this are there?  Is it possible to back up all content onto an external HDD then transfer across?  Or is the transfer cable the only way? I really hope it is not as I have games that are no longer available on the Arcade.

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    If it's flat-out not available due to licensing changes, then a Copy from one device to another is the only way to go.


    If you go with USB, you'll probably need multiple flash drives or HDDs. A 16GB flash drive has about 14.3GB usable. A 32GB flash drive (or larger HDD) will present a full 16GB usable MU when configured. If you can get your hands on enough drives, USB is viable.


    Have you checked with Game to see if you can transfer your DLC in-store when trading in the old console? If you do the exchange during off hours (like 11am on a Wednesday or something) perhaps they wouldn't mind you doing some copying. My local GameStop has a TV set up to test trade-ins. Maybe your Game does, too. Then you'd just need the transfer cable.

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    You're Gold. Enable Cloud Storage and copy your save game files to the Cloud Storage device. Make sure they all show sync after copying. You may need to enable background downloading, then power off the console to force a sync. Once everything shows sync you'll be able to enable Cloud Storage on the new console and download all your saves to the new console. You can also elect to leave them on the Cloud Storage device.


    DLC and Avatar Itmes can be re-downloaded from your Download History.

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    @icestorm, thanks for the fast reply.  You mention downloading content from Xbox live again, however what about content that is no longer available such as midway games?  Also downloading all content for me equals a large amount of data and living in rural England I'm stuck with slow speeds and a data cap.

    Is there no way to backup everything to USB?

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    Thanks for the reply again.  I went the route of using multiple USB drives.  It is just a pain that they only support 16gb max, so good thing I have a few.