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Constant Flashing Green Light, Disc Tray Never Shuts & Disc Games Won't Play.

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I just got a XBOX 250GB about 2 weeks ago and up to now it's been working fine. I only have one game (Call of Duty Black Ops) and usually i never take it out, but for some reason today, I decided to open the tray and take it out. When I did, the green light in the ring of my Xbox kept flashing constantly and wouldn't stop, also my tray would never shut properly. Every time I tired to close it, with or without a game in the tray, the tray would close for a second then reopen by itself. What the hell is going on??


This Xbox is new and not even 2 weeks old! I have barely used it that much and already i've got this serious problem. I can't play games from disc as when I put a disc in (force shut it as it keeps opening) it just says 'opening tray', I can't stop the green light flashing and I can't get the disc tray to shut! Even when I switch off the who Xbox, the disc tray will open again... lol


Seriously, anyone know what is going on or what's happened to my Xbox? Like I said it's brand new and It hasn't been tampered with or mistreated in anyway at all! I'm the only one in the house and it sits on my desk 24/7....


Can anyone suggest a solution? Should I send it off to Microsoft?

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    The green lights flash when the disc tray is opening and closing, so if that is not working correctly it explains the flashing.

    My consoles disc tray is stuck sticky.

    If nothing here helps then take it back to the place of purchase with a receipt, its only 2 weeks old so better to get a replacement unit than send it to MS.

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    try to clean sensor button with a dry soft rag

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    My xbox just started doing the same do anyone knows what I can do to fix it?

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    demoneyesace64 - Take a look at the info in GreyPilgrim's post. :)

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    My does the same thing and makes a weird noise

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    Hey there Chad! If you are having issues, please create a new thread detailing your issue, including any steps you have already tried, and we'll be happy to assist you. Thanks!

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    This has been happening to me recently, it also happens after my Xbox can't read a certain game. The link also doesn't work anymore.