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Xbox Doesn't Notice USB Flash Drive

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I was on my xbox(updated w/ new software, just offline at the moment) and I plugged in my PNY USB drive and the xbox didn't notice anything. I plugged the USB into my computer and erased all the memory and it still didn't work.I have a White 2007 Xbox 360 and I use the front USB ports for flash drives and other devices. Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks


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    Plug in the USB drive and navigate to the storage area.  It sounds like it may need to be configured to the FAT32 format so the 360 can use it properly.  If the 360 isn't even detecting it at all (aka it does not show up in the list), try a different USB port.

    If the 360 does detect it, try this to configure it:

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    Hi Nova,

    Do you have another flash drive to test out with? Does your console read other flash drives without an issue?

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    You might need to format the USB drive. Here is a link on how to do that and other information about how to use USB in case if you get any other issues Hope this helped