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Repair mess up.

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So a couple of weeks ago, my xbox got the RROD, and I opened it up in order to try to fix it, as my warranty had run out quite some time ago. I then decided to just pay the 100 dollars and fix it. The credit card was charged, and off it went. Now i get it back today, and i get a notice saying that the xbox wasn't repaired, because my warranty was voided from the broken anti-tampering label. I paid the money to fix it, so why the heck does it matter, and how do i get my money back?

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  • 1- YOU agreed to their Terms of Service. Self repairs are forbidden on their equipment. And no, you don't own the intellectual property inside the console, they do.


    2- They don't do any repairs to any console that has been tampered/opened by anyone other than themselves because they do not know what was done to it.


    3-Contact phone support about your money.


    4-Just an FYI, if you decide to have someone else, other than MS, repair the console then you should know that in just about all the cases involving self repair the console will be permanently banned from XBL. Your only recourse now is to purchase a new one.

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    You should give Support a ring and request that your money be refunded because the repair was not carried out


    Unfortunately as you've discovered, Microsoft wont repair even an out of warranty console if it has been opened by anyone other than them.

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    hmmmmm you learn something new everyday. Personally I don't understand why if you are paying that they will not offer the service to fix it. Business is so screwed up in America

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    ^^ even though That is Microsoft's policy I would imagine that they will refund the $100 dollars, can anyone confirm or deny this, that has experience with this?

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    Never come across that question before but I'd imagine the $100 would be refunded because no service has been rendered in exchange for the money.

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    Yes no manufacturer will repair opened devices this is clearly stated in all warranty terms of any device even computers

    Computers have warranty seals stating that if you open it up and damage is result from your components you add you are liable only computers are the only thing that allows one to open a unit

    All electronic devices have terms of warranty opening a unit up is a no no


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    Since the bulk of these types of failures would probably require a replacement board, why can't they just replace the board even if it has been opened. Especially if you've paid £300 for the console and then another £100 just to send it for fixing.

    Or do what every other manufacturer does for out of warranty products. Allow the user to purchase a replacement board or part and fit it themselves. You can do this with PC's, cars, phones etc. why not consoles too.