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How to reset XBox original to factory settings

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I want to sell my old XBox (not 360). How do I reset it to factory settings? Thanks.

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    Hi there.

    Reformatting the hard drive will remove all data on the memory unit, once that is complete you can run the "Initial setup" for the console found under the System Settings. Just be aware, if you wish to reformat the hard drive you will need the console's serial number and this can be found under "System Info", via the System Settings and then console settings.

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    It will be in the console setting section (I believe) if not then it should be in that system settings area

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    I'm trying to do the same thing, but searching on the internet it seems it is not possible. You should have a code to input but it is different for every Xbox. I have not found the code for my console yet.

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    Thankfully this has already been answered by our wonderful Ambassador: MeanMachine 47.

    Thanks for conducting the issue, shows your leadership to your program.

    If anyone has this request the please contact 'MeanMachine 47's Post and that should solve all the problem.

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    I have this issue as well. I have an original Xbox that I purchased used. Problem is someone had put a failed soft-mod on it and not all the hard drive is available (the original dashboard works fine, thank goodness). I have looked all over the internet and contacted Microsoft twice to get my unique "code" to allow for the factory reset. Every code I have tried has not worked and it seems the only options are to

    A. open the console up, hook the drive up to my PC and fix it that way.

    B try every possible button combination.

    C try to find the elusive factory reset disc.

    Any information you guys might have would also be helpful!!

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    please help me. .i forgot our family code. .please helep, .i have tried everything. .nothing happened. .please help :'( :'(

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    please help me. .i forgot our family code. .please helep, .i have tried everything. .nothing happened. .please help :'( :'(

    You should start a new thread for this issue.


    Contact Support. They can give you the reset code for the console.