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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with the Gaming Receiver for PC and the "Play and Charge Kit" does not work together

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I have a Microsoft Wireless Receiver and the kit Play & Charge (original). 
If I put the kit, the wireless communication stops immediately (and controller). And then, I have to synchronize again. Is that right? I've tried all possible drivers. I have Windows 7 on a high-end computer.

I read it here:
"@Travis Cochran Actually, during the time the Play and Charge kit is plugged in the controller's wireless funtion is disabled. It is disabled because it would be using too much power, while wireless, at the same time it is trying to replace it. Which could eventually short out the controller causing it to be unable to be used anymore."
This is serious? Really?
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    I found the issue. I have MotionJoy installed in my PC (A emulator Xbox controller for PS3 Joystick). Uninstalled (including drivers), everything works fine.

    My apologies. Thanks.

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    You are correct, the wireless receiver and the play & charge kit USB cable do not work together. The USB cable is only useful insofar as providing power to charge the battery for the controller, but it does not provide a data connection.

    If you are encountering issues with connectivity after re-synching with the wireless device, try the steps in the following Microsoft support article:

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    "The USB cable is only useful insofar as providing power to charge the battery for the controller, but it does not provide a data connection."

    Ok. I know that. I do not want data connection via USB cable. I want through the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows ( that I bought to connect to PC via usb . And the name of the kit is called "Play & Charge". That's a lie from Microsoft? The player has to stop playing and charge your control? This also happens on Xbox?

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    Essentially, the "Play & Charge" kit components are one (1) wireless Xbox 360 controller and one (1) USB cable to be used for the purpose of charging the controller's lithium ion battery. All input transmitted from the controller to the PC or the Xbox 360 console via the controller from the "Play & Charge" kit must be received wirelessly. Again, if you are having continual issues with synching the wireless receiver with the controller, refer to the steps in the Microsoft Knowledge Base support article at

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    I'll try to be clearer: (Sorry my bad English)

    1 - I bought the kit;

    2 - I bought the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows (I want to play wirelessly on my PC);

    3 - Wireless Receiver on my PC + Xbox Wireles Controller = OK. Works very well. Play Batman Arkham City =)

    4 - Battery Empty!! Ohh and now? Who can help me? tan-daaannnn.... The Kit Play & Charge!!!

    5 - I put the charge cable in PC, and then in controller. The 4 lights flash;

    6 - Appears "Xbox 360 Wireless Controller via Play & Charge Kit" in Device Manager;

    7 - Wireless connection stops working;

    8 - Oh! No! Kit sucks. Stop play (Joker liked). Charge. Green light. Unplug. No synchronization.  I have to reconnect my controller.


    For me: driver issue. =(

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    Yes, now that we have narrowed down the source of the issues you have reported, we can proceed with fixing them. The driver signing for the connection that your PC is detecting requires an alternate approach for resolution since it is detecting two (2) distinct device driver profiles. In order to resolve this particular issue, you will need to contact Games for Windows LIVE Support at 877-274-4349.

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