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USB Drive "Failed Data Loss Test"

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Hi There,

When I try to format a USB stick using my console I keep getting an error stating it "failed the data loss test". Any ideas?

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    If it fails the test you are unable to format it to be used for 360 storage.


    So while you can still use it with the 360 for the purpose of watching a movie or listening to some music, you will be unable to use it as a 360 memory device.


    There is no way around that as far as I am aware.

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    I have a USB flash drive that failed the test but I can still use it.

    If you are worried about that message, you can try a different USB flash drive to see if it passes the test.

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    Not all flash drives are created equal, they all have various degrees of performance with regards to access times and read/write speeds.  Just because it fails the test doesn't mean you can't use it though.

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    I used another flash drive and it worked. Cheers for the help though.