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Programming media remotes.

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I have a Xbox media remote.

I would like to program some of the buttons with RC6 codes to be able to control other media devices. Alternatively I would like to put the remote in learning mode to program some buttons with other IR signals.

The older models was capable of doing this, but I cannot find anything about how to do it on the new media remotes.

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  • Hello. If you can control your soundbar's volume using your TV remote, then use the TV code for your TV on the Xbox 360 remote and see if it works. I have linked to the appropriate pages for the NEWER remote.


    B&W (Bowers and Wilkins) are NOT a listed manufacturer under the codes section. If you spent $2,000+ on a B&W Panorama Soundbar, it might be a better idea to spend a couple hundred on a better Universal Remote such as the Harmony Line from Logitech that has a wide list of supported brands and learning functionality.


    Xbox Media Remote:


    Setup Page:




    Based on the information I found about your specific soundbar it has the capability to be controlled by your TV's remote control assuming your TV supports those features. If you have the capability to use your TV remote to control the volume of your soundbar, then it's possible that the TV code for your TV can be used for this soundbar via the Xbox 360 media remote.


    Even if there was a Bowers and Wilkins code for this remote, you would lose the ability to control your TV as you can only program 1 device at a time for this remote.

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    Do any of these instructions here help you:


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    Unfortunately no.

    This link is for the old Media remote. I need to program the new one. I tried these commands, but it does not work.


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    I would like to be able to control the volume of my B&W Panorama Sound bar from my Xbox remote.