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Random [MOD REMOVED] ad pop up on home dash

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So I was talking to an Xbox community ambassador who advised me I post here due to the strange nature of what just happened.

I just finished watching some Netflix on my Xbox and exited to the home dash screen. I left my Xbox and TV on while I went on my computer. The pop up saying that the Xbox will soon turn off due to inactivity came up. I'm not sure how long after that but all of a sudden I hear sex noised coming from my TV. I look over and was surprised to see it's a full screen hardcore porn video ad promoting some porn website. I thought at first that it was some virus I must have just gotten my computer. I have my computer also hooked up to my TV via a duel monitor set up and I thought somehow my TV  switched inputs to my PC. So then I checked the input and confirmed it was coming from my Xbox. I then hit the Xbox home button on the controller and I was able to exit from the porn ad and return to the home dash. I did not have any internet explorer app open on the Xbox when this happened.

I'm an adult so this wasn't a traumatizing event for me, but my post reaction is what if this happened to some young kid. I'm not sure if this an isolated case or what could have possibly caused this to happen but lucky for Xbox I'm not a parent and don't have kids that just saw what I saw - seems like lawsuit waiting to happen.

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    I'm no expert in this department (the pop up, not the act lol) but I imagine it may of been an internet pop-up from IE app. Just a guess of course. I am sure more experienced users will post here or maybe a mod or admin.

    Thanks for bringing it to the forums anyway.


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    Sounds pretty unsettling, I don't think the IE app is capable of pop-ups even when it is open so for it to have had a pop-up OUTSIDE of the app is basically out of the question... If this is the case, it could be a security risk for the xbox hardware.

    I'm not sure where to look for help but we certainly need someone higher-up to chime in on this situation.

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    Hmm this sounds strange. Maybe it is a good idea to call or email to the official xbox support and warn them about the problem you encountered. It may come frome the IE app or may be even from the netflix app.

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    I don't think its possible, IE does not allow downloads, so I'm ruling that out...  Outside if IE, marketplace content is the only other thing you can download and I highly doubt you got it there.   And dashboard content is set by Xbox.  Other than downloading, there is no way for something that doesn't belong on your xbox to get there.   Unless maybe, you used a usb drive to out it there.

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    Hey Cracker Jap88! Bowchickawowwow, quite the scandalous issue! I have not seen anyone else with a similar issue and I am sorry to hear about it. As has been mentioned Internet Explorer does not allow downloads so this is highly unlikely but I don't want to rule anything out here. To make sure we don't let this happen again I'd suggest clearing your browser history as a precautionary step:

    1. Press Y to display the Web Hub.
    2. Point to the Settings icon on the address bar.
    3. Point to Delete History, press A, and then select Yes.


    Also, to avoid any unsavory content in the future, you can turn on SmartScreen Filter to help protect against unsafe websites under your Internet Explorer Settings:

    1. Press Y to display the Web Hub.
    2. Point to the Settings icon on the address bar.
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    you sure it wasn't a roommate using DLNA on his phone watching a porno and accidently sharing it with your xbox? i can send movies i stream from my phone to my xbox seemlessly it requires access to the router that the xbox or dlna tv is attached to



    remeber some people download and there is trailers playing with the movie

    maybe you should watch the websites you are going to like free streaming sites (porn ads do show up)

    or if your network is unsecured you should secure it with a WPA password or disable sharing



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    I have yet to use IE on my xbox but I do know that sites adds reflect you browser history/cookies so if you have been looking at these sites latley this could be the cause. Just a suggestion or thought

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    I'm sure it wasn't a roommate because they were asleep and  the video was an ad for a porno website that was on a loop. Also I have never used IE on my xbox. I'm guessing this was a pretty isolated case since it seems no one else has had this happen. I'm positive it was my xbox because when I pushed Y the xbox hub came up over the video. Maybe it was a security hole like someone said in Netflix or live. Netflix was the last app I was running before it happened.

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    I just did a quick google search and I actually found a post that was similar to what happened to me. I'm not sure if I can post links here but here it is

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    I have heard of one other case sort of similar to this. I can't remember all the details, but it was very brief, and it was while the person was using netflix. They had a few seconds of the unwanted video play on the screen while in netflix.

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    I have just had the exact same thing... i thought maybe my housemate was on the pc and hit play through media but i checked. Again luckily I'm 25 and its no big deal to me. I recently subscribed to nowtv free trial could it be through that i dont want my family to come round and my xbox start playing it haha

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    Hmm, thanks for the link. Quite the unsavory mystery!  Since it happened for both of you through Netflix, would you mind deleting and reinstalling that app?  And please, please let us know if it happens again!

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    Redownload all your apps and your profile to your xbox 360.

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    This just happened to me as well. I had my xbox on the home dashboard. My GF was sitting in the room with me getting ready for work and suddenly the xbox just started playing porn. She thought I had started playing it as a joke or something but I was across the room listening to music on the computer with no controller. I was able to exit the video by hitting the b button but then it came back on. I hit B again and it brought me back to the home page and so far it hasnt started back up. The internet explorer app to my knowledge has never been used on my xbox although It may be installed. I haven't used netflix in quite some time either. I'm worried about  my privacy if there is a security issue with someone hacking xbox live accounts because the kinect is basicly a camera viewing all activities in my room. There is also the matter of the credit card info on my xbox live account. Some sort of explanation would be nice Microsoft. Luckily my GF isnt bothered by pornography otherwise my xbox could have started a fight lol.

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    It is unusual indeed..If you have wifi open someone can be fooling with you.

    For example Galaxy s3 has nfc capability and so does the xbox 360.

    if someone were to play a video in there device (in this case the gs3) as long as they are connected to your wifi they can stream it to your xbox. Like I said unusual but just a thought. If you have wifi try blocking it.